2011-08-29 Luk Fix missing I in ".I <interval>"
2011-08-29 Luk man complains about lines starting with '
2011-08-29 Luk man complains when line starts with quote
2011-08-29 Luk "\* d lets man complain
2011-08-16 Max Matveevmount.nfs: submarvellous messages from mount.nfs
2011-08-03 Karel Zakmount: fix for libmount from util-linux >= 2.20
2011-08-03 Chuck Leverrpc.statd: Bind downcall socket to loopback address
2011-08-03 Matthew Treinishmountd: Fixed strcmp usage in in insert groups.
2011-08-03 Paul BenderA problem with the --enable-libmount-mount configure...
2011-08-03 Paul BenderA problem with running configure with the dash shell
2011-08-03 Mi Jinlongrpc.mountd: let mountd consult /etc/services for port
2011-07-21 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Configuration regression nfs-utils-1-2-5-rc1
2011-07-21 NeilBrownStatd should always 'chdir' to its state directory.
2011-07-21 Benjamin Coddingtongssd: Fix typo in debug string
2011-07-21 Kevin Coffmansvcgssd: use correct defaults in call to gss_set_allowa...
2011-07-13 Michael Guntschenfsidmap: Manpage corrections
2011-07-12 Steve DicksonMake sure CONFIG_NFSIDMAP is always defined.
2011-07-12 Luk Claesmount.nfs: Do not segfault because of kernel version
2011-07-12 Masatake YAMATOexportfs: closing fd associated with /proc/fs/nfsd...
2011-06-30 Kevin CoffmanAdd requirement for newer libgssglue for svcgssd -n...
2011-06-30 Steve DicksonRe-Release of 1.2.4 nfs-utils-1-2-4
2011-06-30 Prem Karatmount.nfs: Fix for the bug in v1.2.4 that breaks mount.nfs
2011-06-30 Steve DicksonRevert "Release 1.2.4"
2011-06-29 Steve DicksonRelease 1.2.4
2011-06-29 Steve DicksonUpdated ChangeLog with all the commits of the current...
2011-06-29 NeilBrownDo not compile unnecessary files when the libmount...
2011-06-29 Prem Karatmount.nfs: Don't hard code source and destination
2011-06-29 NeilBrownmount: improve signal management when locking mtab
2011-06-27 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: move fsidtype-specific code to helpers
2011-06-27 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: gather fsid information into one struct
2011-06-27 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: prefer explicit subexports over crossmnt parents
2011-06-22 Jeff Laytonmanpage: add section on character class matches to... nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc9
2011-06-22 James Pearsonnfs-utils: remove possibly false statement from
2011-06-22 Jeff Laytonmanpage: add info about IPv6 configuration to exports(5)
2011-06-22 Benny Halevynfsstat: reorder nfs4 stats for 2.6.39
2011-06-22 Mi Jinlonglibexport.a: fix using bad index for loop at cltsetup()
2011-06-22 Jeff Laytonnfs: fix host_reliable_addrinfo
2011-06-07 James Pearsonexports: Clearly Defining Exports Priorities
2011-06-07 Neil BrownDocument "-n" for svcgssd
2011-06-07 Pavel Shilovskymountd: Fix missing varialble assignment in auth_unix_gid
2011-05-23 Benny Halevynfsstat: reorder nfs4 stats for 2.6.38 and up
2011-05-23 NeilBrownsupress socket error when address family is not supported
2011-05-23 NeilBrownRemove risk of nfs_addmntent corrupting mtab
2011-05-23 Ben Myersexportfs: getexportent interprets -test-client- as...
2011-05-18 Jim ReesRemoved compilation warnings from mountd/cache.c
2011-04-26 Steve Dicksonnfsstat: Output headings mislabled
2011-04-19 Steve Dicksonrpc.svcgssd: Segmentation fault on error nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc8
2011-04-19 Sean Finneynfs-utils: Increase the stdio file buffer size for...
2011-04-19 Sean Finneymountd: Use a dynamic buffer for storing lists of gid's
2011-04-06 Karel Zakmount: add --enable-libmount-mount nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc7
2011-04-06 Karel Zakmount: move generic functions to utils.c and network.c
2011-04-06 Kevin Coffmannfs-utils: Add support to svcgssd to limit the negotiat...
2011-04-06 Chuck Leverexports: add a configurable time-to-live for the kernel...
2011-04-06 Chuck Leverstatd: Remove vestigial "-w" option from man page synopsis
2011-04-06 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Don't leak socket in nfs_ca_sockname()
2011-04-06 Steve DicksonRemoved a warning from v4root.c
2011-04-06 Steve DicksonRemoved a warning from exportfs.c
2011-04-06 Steve DicksonRemoved a warning from conffile.c
2011-03-07 Masatake YAMATOUpdate man pages for /etc/exports.d nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc6
2011-03-07 Masatake YAMATORead /etc/exports.d/*.export as extra export files
2011-03-05 Steve DicksonCleaned up a warning in rpcdispatch.c
2011-03-05 Steve Dicksonmount: Remove MOUNT_CONFIG warnings
2011-03-03 Chuck Levermount: Recognize zero as a valid value for the port...
2011-02-09 Mi JinlongGssd: modify wrong err message at handle_gssd_upcall
2011-02-09 Jason GunthorpeSupport AD style kerberos automatically in rpc.gss
2011-01-26 Steve DicksonFixed segfault in rpc.mountd
2011-01-14 Steve DicksonImprove debugging in svcgssd nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc5
2011-01-04 Mi Jinlonglibnsm.a: modify return value to false from 0 at nsm_dr...
2010-12-13 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: sm-notify sometimes ignores monitored hosts nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc4
2010-12-13 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Replace __attribute_noinline__
2010-12-13 Chuck Leversm-notify: Make use of AI_NUMERICSERV conditional
2010-12-03 Sid Moorerpc.mountd: Checking RPC Procedure ID before process it
2010-11-29 Mi Jinlonglibnfs.a: fix a bug when parse section's arg nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc3
2010-11-22 Harshula Jayasuriyanfs-utils: nfsstat: has_stats() does not function corre...
2010-11-22 Steve DicksonEnable nfsidmap to compile
2010-11-22 Bryan SchumakerAdd the new nfsidmap program
2010-11-22 Steve DicksonRemoved a couple warnings from utils/mount/stropts.c
2010-11-01 Chuck Levernfs(5): Document remount behavior nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc2
2010-11-01 Chuck Levernfs(5): Grammar and style fixes
2010-11-01 Chuck Levermount.nfs: mnt_freq and mnt_pass are always zero
2010-11-01 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Fix memory leak in nfs_sys_mount()
2010-11-01 Chuck Levermount: Fix compiler warning in nfs_parse_retry_option()
2010-11-01 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Remove all uses of AI_ADDRCONFIG
2010-11-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: fix default value for --enable-tirpc
2010-10-20 Steve DicksonUpdated rpc.mountd man page
2010-10-20 Steve DicksonCleared up the sync option in exportfs man page
2010-10-15 Steve DicksonRemoved duplicate entries in export man page
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermountd: Clear mountd registrations at start up nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc1
2010-10-14 Chuck Leverbehavior as file systems that use the monolithic /sbin...
2010-10-14 Chuck Leverumount.nfs: Distinguish between nfs4 and nfs mounts
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: mountproto does not support RDMA
2010-10-14 NeilBrowngcc complained:
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warnings in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warning in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warning in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warning in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warnings in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warning in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warnings in utils/mount...
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Eliminate compiler warning in utils/mount...