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ap-utils.git Package: ap-utils [unmaintained] 14 years ago
dak.git dak changes to support and... 7 years ago
debian-kernel-talk.git Talk: The Linux kernel in... 11 years ago
debian-secure-boot.git Talk: Debian's support for... 7 years ago
debplate-intro.git Talk: debplate: A template... 4 years ago
emusic-remote.git Package: eMusic Remote [unmain... 15 years ago
exar-uart-driver.git Fork of https://github.com... 8 years ago
help-the-kernel-team.git Talk: Help the kernel team... 6 years ago
i-t-talk.git Talk: initramfs-tools (introdu... 9 years ago
ion3-doc.git Package: Ion3 docs [unmaintained] 15 years ago
ion3.git Package: Ion3 [unmaintained] 14 years ago
kernel-news-talk.git Talk: What's new in the Linux... 10 months ago
lca-dvswitch.git Talk: Making great conference... 13 years ago
maypole.git Package: Maypole [unmaintained] 15 years ago
memories.git Package: Memories [unmaintained] 15 years ago
nfs-utils.git Debian package of nfs-utils 7 years ago
odhcp6c.git Package: odhcp6c 8 years ago
stable-kernel-talk.git Talk: Stable kernel maintenanc... 11 years ago
videolink.git VideoLink [unmaintained] 13 years ago