2016-12-12 Ben HutchingsMerge branch 'sid' master
2016-12-12 Andreas HenrikssonImport Debian patch 1:1.2.8-9.2 sid debian/1%1.2.8-9.2
2016-12-12 Andreas HenrikssonImport Debian patch 1:1.2.8-9.1 debian/1%1.2.8-9.1
2016-10-22 Salvatore BonaccorsoFix typo in comment for installed idmapd.conf (Closes...
2016-10-22 Salvatore BonaccorsoFix typo in comment for installed idmapd.conf
2016-03-11 Ben HutchingsMerge branch 'sid'
2016-03-11 Ben HutchingsImport Debian version 1:1.2.8-9 debian/1%1.2.8-9
2016-03-11 Ben HutchingsImport Debian version 1:1.2.8-8 debian/1%1.2.8-8
2016-03-11 Ben HutchingsImport Debian version 1:1.2.8-7 debian/1%1.2.8-7
2015-03-23 Ben HutchingsUpdate debian/watch
2014-02-24 Steve Langasekreleasing package nfs-utils version 1:1.2.8-6 debian/1%1.2.8-6
2014-02-24 Steve LangasekProvide quoted entries by default in debian/nfs-kernel...
2014-02-24 Steve Langasekdebian/nfs-kernel-server.init: don't try to check for...
2014-02-01 Steve LangasekTweak nfs-common preinst to not remove nfs state files...
2014-02-01 Steve LangasekFix obsolete invocations of update-rc.d by switching...
2014-01-13 Steve LangasekDocument a bug closure
2014-01-13 Steve LangasekOnly start nfs-common in runlevel S; it doesn't need...
2014-01-13 Steve LangasekMove the rpc.svcgssd(8) symlink to nfs-common along...
2014-01-13 Steve LangasekFix the sec=krb5* handling in debian/nfs-common.init...
2014-01-13 Steve Langasekreleasing package nfs-utils version 1:1.2.8-5
2014-01-13 Steve LangasekAdd the actual patch to git :P
2014-01-13 Steve Langasekdebian/patches/21-no-more-var-run.patch: PID files...
2013-11-21 Steve LangasekDon't start the nfs-common init script from the nfs...
2013-11-21 Steve LangasekSimplify handling of idmapd, which in recent releases...
2013-11-21 Steve LangasekMigrate the rpc_pipefs mount out of /var/lib to /run...
2013-09-23 Ben HutchingsRemove Luk Claes from uploaders (Closes: #723602)
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekMeh, revert accidental autotools diff in the git tree
2013-06-01 Steve Langasekreleasing version 1:1.2.8-4 debian/1%1.2.8-4
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekThe configure option name is --with-gssglue, not -...
2013-06-01 Steve Langasekreleasing version 1:1.2.8-3 debian/1%1.2.8-3
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekBuild --with-libgssglue, which was the default prior...
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekAdd myself as comaintainer, per <518FCECE.7050106@debia...
2013-05-13 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.8-2
2013-05-13 Luk ClaesRemove autogenerated roff as is meant...
2013-05-13 Luk ClaesAdd id_resolver.conf to fix nfsidmap invocation (Closes...
2013-05-13 Luk Claesundo
2013-05-12 Luk ClaesFix reportbug scripts to use rpcinfo in /usr/sbin.
2013-05-10 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.8-1 debian/1%1.2.8-1
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdjust version of replaces due to manpage move.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesDo not try to install dropped ChangeLog.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdd nfsdcltrack to nfs-kernel-server.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdd libsqlite3-dev build dependency for nfsdcltrack.
2013-05-10 Luk Claesdo not complain about generated files
2013-05-10 Luk Claesdrop patch
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesRefresh 11-532048-reduce-verbosity.
2013-05-10 Luk Claesauth_unix_ip should downcall on error (Closes: #682709).
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAvoid DNS reverse lookups on server names (Closes:...
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesNew upstream version (Closes: #707258).
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekImported Upstream version 1.2.8 upstream/1.2.8
2013-05-10 Luk Claesupdate git ignored files
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesImported upstream 1.2.8
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesUse rpcbind's rpcinfo everywhere (Closes: #707589).
2013-05-02 Steve DicksonRelease 1.2.8
2013-04-22 Simo SorceAvoid DNS reverse resolution for server names (take 3)
2013-04-22 Mike Frysinger.gitignore: ignore more generated files
2013-04-22 Mike do not fail sqlite check when cross-compiling
2013-04-22 Chuck Leversm-notify: "-v hostname" doesn't work when IPV6_SUPPORT...
2013-04-22 Steve Dicksonmount: No longer negotiate to v2
2013-04-22 NeilBrownmountd: fix exporting of "/" with sec= setting.
2013-04-22 Simo Sorcegssd: Allow GSSAPI to try to acquire credentials first.
2013-04-22 Jose Castillomountd: Add the missing '$' in auth_unix_ip()
2013-04-10 Chuck Levernfs(5): Update description of sec= mount option
2013-04-10 Simo Sorcegssd: Fix double free when exporting lucid context
2013-04-02 Simo Sorcegssd: Fix segfault when using -R option
2013-04-02 Simo Sorcegssd: Switch to use standard GSSAPI by default
2013-04-02 Simo Sorcegssd: Add configure check for gss_krb5_free_lucid_sec_c...
2013-03-25 Trond Myklebustnfsd: Add support for the -V and --nfs-version optional...
2013-03-25 Mike Frysingerrpcdebug: do not use build toolchain
2013-03-25 Mike Frysingerconfigure: check for libio.h availability
2013-03-25 Mike FrysingerREADME: drop version from file
2013-03-25 Mike Frysingernfsiostat: make it work w/python3
2013-03-25 Steve Dicksonmountd: regression in crossmounts
2013-03-25 Chuck LeverAdd a default flavor to an export's e_secinfo list
2013-03-25 Chris VoganNFS man page patch that moves nordirplus/rdirplus
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: gethostname(3) returns zero or -1, not an errno
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Fix whitespace nits
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Clean up gssd_setup_krb5_user_gss_ccache()
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Update description of "-l" option
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Clarify use of the term "machine credentials...
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Provide an introduction in gssd(8)
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: is missing a description of the "-M...
2013-03-25 Chuck Levergssd: Use italics for option values and pathnames
2013-03-25 Chuck Levermountd: make local functions in v4root.c static
2013-03-25 Chuck Levermountd: remove unused variable
2013-03-25 Lukas Hejtmanekgssd - expired credentials problem
2013-03-25 NeilBrowngssd: don't krb5_free_context if krb5_init_context...
2013-03-25 NeilBrowngssd: use correct test for success of getrlimit()
2013-02-13 NeilBrowngssd: Call authgss_free_private_data() if library provi...
2013-01-16 Hemmo Nieminenrpc.statd: Fix socket binding loop.
2013-01-16 David Jefferyrpc.idmapd: Ignore open failures in dirscancb()
2012-12-17 Suresh Jayaramanidmapd: allow non-ASCII characters (UTF-8) in NFSv4...
2012-12-17 NeilBrownmountd: fix is_subdirectory to understand '/'
2012-12-17 NeilBrownmountd: fix checking for errors when exporting filesystems
2012-12-12 Chuck Levermountd: Report the absolute path used to load the junct...
2012-12-12 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: xtab.c no longer needs #include xmalloc.h
2012-12-12 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: rmtab.c no longer needs #include xmalloc.h
2012-12-12 Chuck Levermountd: cache.c no longer needs #include xmalloc.h
2012-12-12 Chuck Levermountd: auth.c no longer needs #include xmalloc.h
2012-11-28 NeilBrowngssd: base the size of the fd array on the RLIMIT_NOFIL...