2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsLOCAL: Remove replay check master
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsLOCAL: Define key and certificate files for byhand...
2016-09-24 Ben Hutchingsbyhand-code-sign: Put signature tarballs for security...
2016-09-24 Ben Hutchingsbyhand-code-sign: Use script path, not suite name,...
2016-06-30 Ben Hutchingsdaklib.regexes: Add signature tarballs to re_includeinr...
2016-06-30 Ben HutchingsAdd (incomplete) configuration for signing code for...
2016-06-30 Ben HutchingsAdd byhand script to perform code signing
2016-06-19 Joerg JaspertAnd check for existance, not type too
2016-06-19 Joerg Jaspertdont die if you cant touch a file
2016-06-05 Joerg JaspertInitial version of an actual script to run a pointrelease
2016-06-04 Joerg JaspertUpdate with latest point release changes
2016-05-31 Emilio Pozuelo... Give read permissions to the comment file
2016-05-29 Emilio Pozuelo... Fix path
2016-05-28 Emilio Pozuelo... Add authorization for p-u-comment.sh
2016-05-28 Emilio Pozuelo... Add a ssh trigger for p-u comment handling
2016-05-27 Emilio Pozuelo... Add a timestamp to the cruft-report
2016-05-27 Emilio Pozuelo... Don't generate the cruft report in-place
2016-05-27 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/remote-import...
2016-05-27 Julien CristauFix syntax error in import_dataset.sh
2016-05-26 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/remote-import...
2016-05-26 Julien CristauMove urgency log from release.d.o to our web dir
2016-05-26 Julien CristauMake release_team_removals.sh take input from stdin
2016-05-26 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/gps2-log-list'
2016-05-26 Julien CristauAllow release ssh triggers from respighi.d.o
2016-05-25 Julien CristauChange import_dataset.sh to take its input from stdin
2016-05-22 Ansgar BurchardtDo not remove "by-hash" directory
2016-05-22 Ansgar BurchardtQuote argument to --exclude
2016-05-22 Ansgar Burchardtdep11-basic-validate: Forbid symlinks for now
2016-05-22 Ansgar BurchardtCorrect indention.
2016-05-21 Julien Cristaugps2: fix typo in error logging
2016-05-21 Julien Cristaugps2: fix logging call
2016-05-21 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/cs-set-log-suite'
2016-05-21 Julien Cristaucontrol_suite: log suite name in "dak control-suite...
2016-05-21 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/formatone-no...
2016-05-21 Julien Cristausrcformats: reject orig.tar.gz.asc files in source...
2016-05-20 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/fix-orig-sig...
2016-05-20 Julien CristauAdd a couple of check_dsc_files tests
2016-05-20 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/fix-orig-sig...
2016-05-20 Matthias Klumppdep11: Properly validate Time and Priority fields
2016-05-20 Matthias Klumppdep11: Validate .xz compressed files as well
2016-05-20 Julien CristauMove more specific source file regexes before general...
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtDo not try to add same hashfile multiple times
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtUse correct db_name for MD5 hash
2016-05-18 Ansgar Burchardtupdate-buildd-archive: Also copy zzz-dists
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/by-hash-v5'
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/known-hashes'
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/multivalued'
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaudaklib: kill unused utils.known_hashes
2016-05-18 Julien Cristauclean_suites: fix clean_byhash when Dinstall::SuiteSuff...
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaugenerate_releases: refactor by-hash handling
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaugenerate_releases: reduce number of sql queries for...
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaugenerate_releases: expire by-hash files for all suites
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaugenerate_releases: separate hashfile table update from...
2016-05-18 Julien Cristaugenerate_releases: replace hashfuncs initialization...
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtMove Release files to zzz-dists
2016-05-17 Julien Cristaushow_deferred: drop workaround for old python-debian bug
2016-05-16 Ansgar BurchardtRemove more changelog-related settings
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdak.conf: Remove changelog export path
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: Remove `Security-Install...
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: Remove references to non-US
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: set changelog export directory
2016-05-16 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/by-hash-v4'
2016-05-16 Julien CristauAdd by-hash support
2016-05-10 Luke FaraoneAdd python-debianbts as a dependency in setup/README...
2016-05-03 Ansgar BurchardtNotify w-b earlier
2016-05-02 Julien Cristaudak: don't ignore SystemExit
2016-05-01 Ansgar BurchardtPublish security archive on all changes
2016-05-01 Ansgar BurchardtKeep track of when a package was last added to a suite
2016-05-01 Ansgar BurchardtWork with newer SQLAlchemy versions
2016-04-24 Guillem JoverMove more specific source file regexes before general...
2016-04-15 Ansgar BurchardtRead files in chunks
2016-04-15 Ansgar BurchardtDo not pass all file descriptiors to external process.
2016-04-12 Guillem JoverFix support for detached upstream signatures
2016-04-12 Guillem JoverStop using undefined reject function in check_dsc_files
2016-04-12 Guillem JoverRemove unused re_source_ext import
2016-04-12 Guillem JoverEscape dots in file type check in check_dsc_files
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertImplement mirrorpush-release function
2016-04-02 Ansgar BurchardtAdd "mirror" so POSSIBLEARGS
2016-04-02 Ansgar BurchardtREADME.stable-point-release: updates from 7.10
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertUps, that backports dir is still in use
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertGenerate new.html stuff atomic
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertRemove an old backports-master dir, remove lock uncheck...
2016-04-02 Ansgar BurchardtREADME.stable-point-release: updates from 8.4
2016-03-31 Ansgar BurchardtUse parameter passed to the --suite option
2016-03-31 Ansgar BurchardtThe --suite option has an argument.
2016-03-31 Ansgar Burchardtdebian: Add release team key to import testing-debug
2016-03-30 Ansgar BurchardtRevert "Use only 'xz' as default compression for Source...
2016-03-30 Ansgar BurchardtAcquire a lock in the main process when writing Contents
2016-03-30 Ansgar BurchardtUse only 'xz' as default compression for Sources and...
2016-03-30 Ansgar BurchardtRemove files that are (no longer) generated
2016-03-15 Joerg JaspertHopefully enable g-i-d to deal with .xz files
2016-03-15 Joerg JaspertRemove suite alias, use suite directly
2016-03-15 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'juliank/master'
2016-03-15 Joerg JaspertReplace hardcoded hashfuncs with values generated from...
2016-03-13 Julian Andres... Only generate binary checksum fields for the requested...
2016-03-13 Julian Andres... Only generate fields in Sources for requested checksums
2016-03-13 Joerg JaspertAdd checksums column to suite table
2016-03-13 Joerg JaspertNo need to export backports changelogs anymore
2016-03-13 Joerg JaspertStop work in the backports archive
2016-02-06 Ansgar BurchardtArchitecture names can have more than one character