descriptiondak changes to support and test code signing
last changeSat, 24 Sep 2016 23:55:09 +0000 (00:55 +0100)
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsLOCAL: Remove replay check master
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsLOCAL: Define key and certificate files for byhand...
2016-09-24 Ben Hutchingsbyhand-code-sign: Put signature tarballs for security...
2016-09-24 Ben Hutchingsbyhand-code-sign: Use script path, not suite name,...
2016-06-30 Ben Hutchingsdaklib.regexes: Add signature tarballs to re_includeinr...
2016-06-30 Ben HutchingsAdd (incomplete) configuration for signing code for...
2016-06-30 Ben HutchingsAdd byhand script to perform code signing
2016-06-19 Joerg JaspertAnd check for existance, not type too
2016-06-19 Joerg Jaspertdont die if you cant touch a file
2016-06-05 Joerg JaspertInitial version of an actual script to run a pointrelease
2016-06-04 Joerg JaspertUpdate with latest point release changes
2016-05-31 Emilio Pozuelo... Give read permissions to the comment file
2016-05-29 Emilio Pozuelo... Fix path
2016-05-28 Emilio Pozuelo... Add authorization for
2016-05-28 Emilio Pozuelo... Add a ssh trigger for p-u comment handling
2016-05-27 Emilio Pozuelo... Add a timestamp to the cruft-report
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