2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsAdd new dependencies master
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsRemove broken test for libapache2-request-perl
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsUnpatch before cleaning
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsAdd Vcs-* fields pointing to my public repository
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsUpdate to policy version 3.8.0
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsStop ignoring errors in maintainer scripts
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsIgnore quilt's .pc directory
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsExclude templates/header.orig from installation
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsUse dh_installdirs, dh_install, dh_link for installation
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsRemove obsolete linda-overrides
2008-11-09 Ben HutchingsUpdate for new upstream snapshot
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'trunk'
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsRefresh patches
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'Memories as 1.3'
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsChanged libmaypole-perl dependency to ensure we get... 1.2-5
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsUpdated documentation for version 1.2-5.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsUpdated policy version to 3.7.2 (no other changes requi...
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsFixed dependencies for use with Apache 2.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsEnabled integration with Apache 2, conditional on mod_a...
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsAdded CGI wrapper for Memories.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsAdded dh_md5sums.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsAdded patch to fix generation of thumbnail URIs in...
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsSplit changes into patches managed with quilt.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsUpdated my email address.
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsDisabled integration with Apache 2 since Memories does... 1.2-4
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsFixed and overrode linda and lintian warnings as approp... 1.2-3
2007-08-08 Simon CozensAt least one of these changes is showstopper! upstream 1.2+svn20070808
2007-04-13 Simon CozensDon't need these any more either.
2007-04-13 Simon CozensToo many calendar methods!
2007-04-13 Simon CozensFew cosmetic fixes.
2007-04-11 Simon CozensHIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL - first stage of getting Tagtools...
2007-04-11 Simon CozensSome missing modules (also a test of committing)
2007-04-11 Simon CozensUse configured lock directory, not hard-coded.
2007-04-10 Simon CozensTEST
2007-04-10 Simon CozensTest.
2007-04-10 Simon CozensI can't believe we didn't have a delete method.
2007-04-09 Simon CozensSome messing around to allow user-defined styles. Fixes...
2007-04-05 Simon CozensAlways used the "paged" template for multiple photo...
2007-04-05 Simon CozensJOIN optimization.
2007-04-05 Simon CozensTake username from logged in user. Fixes #20.
2007-04-02 Simon CozensMake it all at least work.
2007-04-02 Simon CozensSwitch to using Image::Size because the EXIF parsing...
2007-03-24 Simon CozensArrayize tags with only one photo
2007-03-24 Simon CozensMore URI antiescaping; fixes #22.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensChange order so tags get read from RAW file on import.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensClear out debugging info
2007-03-24 Simon CozensI *think* this fixes #18.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensA few fixes found on Geoff's install. Check the Apache2...
2007-03-24 Simon CozensYet more dependencies.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensMagically support more file formats, heh heh.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensApparently some versions of Apache don't like this...
2007-03-24 Simon CozensDependencies, and user/pass
2007-03-21 Simon CozensDon't use this any more.
2007-02-24 Simon CozensAllow RAW files. I can't believe that just worked....
2007-02-24 Simon CozensIt's unlikely we'll get DOS people doing that but remin...
2007-02-24 Simon CozensWrite keywords back to file. Closes #3.
2007-02-24 Simon CozensAllow multiple uploads, look into ZIP and tar.gz files...
2007-02-19 Simon CozensFix some interesting breakages: you can't use ->session...
2007-02-17 Simon CozensQuarantine non-tagged photos. Closes #14.
2007-02-17 Simon CozensRather more lightweight (and functional) tag completion...
2007-02-16 Simon CozensA bit of defense.
2007-02-16 Simon CozensMess around with things to make it easier to support...
2007-02-13 Simon CozensMore Ajaxing.
2007-02-12 Simon CozensStop anonymous uploads
2007-02-12 Simon CozensAjaxify the calendar. Closes #5.
2007-02-12 Simon CozensWho's the idiot now, then?
2007-02-12 Simon CozensSo near and yet so far.
2007-02-12 Simon CozensJust looks a bit smarter.
2007-02-12 Simon CozensShift things into Tagtools, to tidy up.
2007-02-10 Simon CozensIt's a bit of a hack but we blatantly can't call it...
2007-02-10 Simon CozensAdd "Highest rated".
2007-02-10 Simon CozensShow some photos on the front page #11.
2007-02-10 Simon CozensSearch by random.
2007-02-10 Simon CozensLater we'll have to add a coefficient of commenting...
2007-02-10 Simon CozensSeparate tags with commas, split off tag parsing code...
2007-02-10 Simon CozensAdd interface to "most popular photos"
2007-02-08 Simon CozensMy God, it's full of stars.
2007-02-08 Simon CozensThat we should not needlessly multiply entities seems...
2007-02-08 Simon CozensAvoid looking stupid.
2007-02-08 Simon CozensOops, we need this...
2007-02-08 Simon Cozens...which makes room for a view count. References #4.
2007-02-08 Simon CozensRejig the output to cope with cases of lots of tags.
2007-02-08 Simon CozensAjax-up the comments (References #5) and add user ratin...
2007-02-08 Simon CozensAjaxify the main tabs
2007-02-07 Simon CozensRead tags from Exif/IPTC. Closes #2.
2007-02-07 Simon CozensAdd SQL and code for the counter (References #4), but...
2007-02-07 Simon CozensGet this out of my way!
2007-02-06 Simon CozensIf you've got it, flaunt it.
2007-02-06 Simon CozensStart to do some more with the metadata. References...
2007-02-06 Simon CozensIt's right that we want to expose this stuff to the...
2007-02-06 Simon CozensExpose IPTC tags for viewing. Closes #1.
2007-02-06 Simon CozensDon't want to forget that one.
2007-02-06 Simon CozensMemories as at 1.3 1.2+svn
2007-02-06 Simon CozensPopulate initial SVN directories
2006-02-17 Ben HutchingsMade some corrections to README.Debian.
2006-02-17 Ben HutchingsNew revision covering recent changes.
2006-02-17 Ben HutchingsAdded quick-start guide.
2006-02-17 Ben HutchingsChanged MySQL-related recommendations to dependencies...
2006-02-17 Ben HutchingsRemoved inappropriate execute permissions that 'install...
2006-01-11 Ben HutchingsAdd dh_installdeb so the maintainer scripts are actuall... 1.2-1