2011-01-27 Ben HutchingsForce page break between slides when printed master
2011-01-23 Ben HutchingsAdd 'pub' talk for publishing built files
2011-01-23 Ben HutchingsDeclare phony targets
2011-01-21 Ben HutchingsChange image widths to work on 4:3 aspect
2011-01-21 Ben HutchingsShorten a point to avoid clipping at 1024x768
2011-01-21 Ben HutchingsBreak the title in the right place on slide 0
2011-01-21 Ben HutchingsDisable title-casing of h1 text
2011-01-21 Ben HutchingsAdd 'Further information' linking to DVswitch and Iceca...
2011-01-20 Ben HutchingsAdd some slides about using Icecast
2011-01-20 Ben HutchingsUse the correct talk title
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsEnlarge overview diagram and move explanatory text...
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsImprove readability of the internals diagram
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsDistinguish and ignore generated files
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsAdd diagram of mixer internals
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsAdd note about DIF to the printed version
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsMinor improvements to wording
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsAbbreviate some 'what is...' points to fit
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsEnumerate special requirements of free software conferences
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsAdd some information about myself
2010-12-30 Ben HutchingsReduce thickness of table heading divider
2010-12-29 Ben HutchingsPromote bullet points for intermediate protocol changes
2010-12-29 Ben HutchingsImprove table formatting
2010-12-29 Ben HutchingsAdd LCA2011 logo
2010-12-28 Ben HutchingsEarly outline of the talk