2012-05-25 Luk ClaesInstall osd_login (part of the autologin feature)....
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesAdd 18-osd_login-sbindir.patch to avoid FTBFS
2012-05-25 Luk Claesrevert
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesUpdate other patches.
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesCheck for blank exports file (Closes: #673798).
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesNew upstream version
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2012-05-22 Luk Claesremove dup
2012-05-22 Luk ClaesImported upstream 1.2.6 upstream/1.2.6
2012-05-14 Steve DicksonRelease 1.2.6 nfs-utils-1-2-6
2012-05-09 Olaf KirchManpage: Add a warning to the nfs manpage regarding...
2012-05-09 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add support for dropping capabilities
2012-05-09 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: demote pipe opening error to D_GENERAL
2012-05-03 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: handle allocation failures in auth_unix_ip... nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc7
2012-05-03 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: prepend '$' to make use_ipaddr clients self...
2012-05-03 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: add trivial helpers for client-matching
2012-05-03 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: parse ip address earlier
2012-05-03 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: fix export upcall failure in use_ipaddr case
2012-05-01 Steve Dicksonmounts.nfs: v2 and v3 background mounts should retry...
2012-05-01 NeilBrownv4_root_add_parents: remove a possible buffer overflow.
2012-05-01 NeilBrownv4root: set the time-to-live for V4ROOT exports to...
2012-05-01 NeilBrown4set_root: force "fsid=0" for all exports of '/'
2012-05-01 NeilBrownnfsd_fh: if two exports are possible, choose the one...
2012-05-01 NeilBrownauth_authenticate_newcache: prefer non-V4ROOT export...
2012-05-01 NeilBrownlookup_export: really prefer nonV4ROOT exports.
2012-05-01 Sachin Bhamareosd_login: Commit the files that go along with autologi...
2012-05-01 Weston Andros... mountd: support IPv6 [] escaping with fsloc hosts
2012-05-01 Sachin Bhamareosd_login: Add autologin script for objlayoutdriver
2012-04-26 Steve Dicksonnfsdcld: General clean up. nfs-utils-1-2-5-rc4
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: update the README
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add a manpage for nfsdcld
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: make it watch for inotify events in the contai...
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add function to remove unreclaimed client...
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add check/update functionality
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add remove functionality
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add routines for a sqlite backend database
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add autoconf goop for sqlite
2012-04-26 Jeff Laytonnfsdcld: add client tracking daemon stub
2012-04-16 Michael WeiserAdd -l option to gssd to force legacy behaviour
2012-03-22 Steve Dicksonrpc.gssd: Links directly with libgssapi_krb5 which...
2012-03-22 Steve Dicksongssd: Look for user creds in user defined directory
2012-03-16 Steve Dicksonnfsd: Bump up the default to 8 nprocs
2012-03-16 Noah Friedmanrpc.idmap: Hide global symbols from libidmap plugins
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove also the dependent lipkey mechanism
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove mentions of SPKM3 from README
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Stop checking for spkm3.h in configure
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove spkm3 support from exports
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove spkm3 support from nfs.mount
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: remove spkm3 from common gssd code
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove spkm3 support from gssd
2012-03-12 Simo SorceKill SPKM3: Remove spkm3 references from svcgssd
2012-03-12 Steve Dicksonexportfs: Removed warnings about routines not being...
2012-03-12 Steve Dicksonexportfs: Stop racing exportfs on clusters
2012-03-06 Steve Dicksonnfsmount: Fixed parsing error in the nfsmount.conf...
2012-02-29 Harshula Jayasuriyanfs-utils: exports man page: no_acl is not supported
2012-01-22 Luk Claesexclude generated files debian/1%1.2.5-4
2012-01-22 Luk Claesexclude generated files
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesAlso change owning group for /var/lib/nfs (Closes:...
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesMove rpc.svcgssd to nfs-common (Closes: #651558).
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesAdd libmount-dev to Build-Depends and explicitly enable it.
2012-01-16 Jeff Laytonautoconf: only link binaries that need it to libtirpc nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc6
2012-01-16 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Purge the keyring when its full.
2012-01-05 Chuck Levermountd: Support junction management plug-ins nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc5
2012-01-05 Chuck Levermountd: remove newline from xlog() format specifier...
2012-01-05 Chuck Levermountd: Plug v4root memory leak
2012-01-05 Chuck Don't check for AI_ADDRCONFIG
2012-01-05 Chuck Clean up help string for --with-statdpath
2012-01-05 Jeff Laytonautoconf: don't let libnfsidmap test add -lnfsidmap...
2012-01-05 Jeff Laytonautoconf: fix up libevent autoconf test
2012-01-05 Jim Meyeringgssd: avoid double-free upon write failure
2012-01-05 Karel Zakmount.nfs: don't overwrite mount options from /etc...
2012-01-05 Mike Frysingernfsctl: fix building with newer arches
2011-12-13 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Stack variable not being initialized. nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc4
2011-12-09 Luk Claesdebian/control: add mount.nfs to the long Description debian/1%1.2.5-3
2011-12-09 Luk ClaesVersion libgssglue-dev build dependency (Closes: #651354).
2011-12-09 Luk Claes/run transition: nfs-common migrates /lib/init/rw/sends...
2011-12-05 Steve Dicksonmount.nfs: Background mounts failing on time out errors.
2011-12-05 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Allow a particular key to be revoked.
2011-12-05 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Allow keys to be cleared from the keyring
2011-11-14 Steve Dicksonrpc.idmapd: Sections in idmapd.conf are ignored. nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc3
2011-11-14 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Added -v and -t flags
2011-11-14 Steve Dicksonnfsidmap: Added Error Logging
2011-10-20 Steve Dicksonrpcdebug: Add missing debug flags
2011-10-18 Yang Baimount.nfs: Mount should really return from errno test nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc2
2011-10-04 Luca Giuzzirpc.idmapd: Dies with 'I/O possible'
2011-10-04 Steve Dicksonman pages: fixed a few typos in a couple man pages
2011-10-03 Luk Fix macro use nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc1
2011-10-03 Luk Claesblkmapd: Use getconf(_SC_PAGE_SIZE)
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/patches/18-dont-use-PAGE_SIZE.patch debian/1%1.2.5-2
2011-10-02 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.5-1 debian/1%1.2.5-1
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesInstall blkmapd and its manpage.
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesUse dh_autoreconf to make sure original files are restored.
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd build dependency on libdevmapper-dev for blkmapd
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesRemove pasted plus signs
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/patches/17-multiarch-kerberos-paths.patch (Close...
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesRemove manual md5sum files as they are not kept up...
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/idmapd.conf: Comment Domain (Closes: #638607).
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd version to build-dep on libnfsidmap-dev (Closes...
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd bug closures
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesDrop patches which are applied upstream