Get rid of the "-i" option for mount.nfs[4] and always use the text-
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / mount / mount.c
2008-01-04 Steve DicksonGet rid of the "-i" option for mount.nfs[4] and always...
2007-10-09 Chuck Levertext-based mount.nfs: combine nfsmount_s() and nfs4moun...
2007-09-25 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Don't leak mount_opts
2007-09-25 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Don't leak extra_opts
2007-09-25 Chuck Levertext-based mount.nfs: Fix memory leak in add_mtab()
2007-09-25 Chuck Levermount.nfs: teach [u]mount.nfs[4] to exit with EX_SUCCES...
2007-08-24 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Replace fork() with daemon() for backgroundi...
2007-08-24 Neil Brownmount: Small tidy up.
2007-08-10 Neil BrownRestrict -i option to root.
2007-08-10 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Enable mount.nfs to do text-based mount...
2007-08-10 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Replace a "return 0; " that should be an...
2007-08-10 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Update the mount.nfs(8) man page
2007-08-03 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Fix background mounts
2007-08-03 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Refactor mount logic to allow support for...
2007-08-03 Chuck Levermount.nfs: restore bg argument to nfsmount() and nfs4mo...
2007-08-03 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Support double-wide characters in printed...
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverumount.nfs: eliminate a nearly empty header file.
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverumount.nfs: make umount_usage() static
2007-07-29 Neil BrownAdd -Wstrict-prototypes to compiler args, and fix warni...
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: White space clean up
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Error handling clean-up
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: When -v is set and the mount succeeds, print...
2007-07-20 Chuck LeverRemove the running_bg parameter
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Change *flags to flags
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: No need to return nfs_mount_data structs
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Move MS_DUMMY and friends to header file
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Move start_statd into nfs_mount
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Move network functions into a common source...
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Always preset nfs_mount_version
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Create a common source module for reporting...
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: clean-up add_mtab
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: /bin/mount already handles --bind & friends
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Remove support for "-t" option
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Simplify generation of progname
2007-07-16 Steinar H. GundersonFix umount.nfs exit status
2007-07-16 Steve DicksonAdded missing unlock_mtab() call in the add_mtab()
2007-07-10 J. Bruce Fieldsfix warnings in mount.c
2007-05-17 Steve Dicksonmount.nfs - NFSv4 mounts give wrong error message when...
2007-03-29 Neil Brownmount.nfs - require statd to be running to mount withou...
2007-03-22 Neil Brownmount.nfs: Fix issue with -o user,exec
2007-03-20 Kevin CoffmanFix a couple of problems that crept into mount
2007-03-20 Karel ZakAdd support for quoted mount options
2007-03-20 Neil BrownBuild mount.nfs by default, and install setuid
2007-03-20 Neil Brownmount.nfs - make sure program name in error message...
2007-03-20 Neil Brownmount.nfs - Tidy up option parsing.
2007-03-20 Neil BrownHandle -o remount better
2007-03-19 Karel ZakCorrectly handle -f (fake) mount option.
2007-03-18 Amit GudClean up of some error messages.
2007-03-16 Neil BrownCorrectly handle "user" and "users" mount options.
2007-03-16 Neil BrownRemove some incorrect version matching code.
2007-03-16 Steve DicksonReturn the correct exit status on failed mounts
2007-03-16 Neil BrownSupport -s option to ignore unknown options (sloppy)
2007-03-16 Neil BrownReturn correct exit status for umount.nfs.
2007-03-16 Neil BrownAutomatically start statd when mounting an nfs filesystem.
2007-03-13 Neil BrownRemove unused variable from add_mtab
2006-12-18 Ian Kentnfs-utils - mtab locking needed on add as well as update
2006-07-03 Greg BanksMerge branch 'master' of git://
2006-06-23 Amit GudMerge nfsmount.x and mount.x into mount.x
2006-06-16 Amit GudMove NFS mount code from util-linux to nfs-utils -...