2010-05-05 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Refactor client_init()
2010-04-23 Mike FrysingerMake capabilities support optional
2010-04-23 Mike Frysingerset +x on
2010-04-23 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Allow malloc(3) failures in client_lookup...
2010-04-23 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Allow m_hostname allocation to fail instea...
2010-04-23 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Allow client_init() to fail instead of...
2010-04-23 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Add client_free()
2010-04-16 Steve DicksonAdd in autoconf support for mountstats and nfsiostats nfs-utils-1-2-3-rc2
2010-04-16 Steve DicksonIntroduce man page for the nfsiostats command
2010-04-16 Steve DicksonIntroduce man page for the mountstats command
2010-04-16 Steve DicksonRemoved some miscellaneous warnings in the new gssd...
2010-04-16 Kevin CoffmanAdd support for non-DES encryption types.
2010-04-16 Kevin CoffmanTry to use kernel function to determine supported Kerbe...
2010-04-16 Kevin Coffmangssd: move function limit_krb5_enctypes into the export...
2010-04-16 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: export_find() should handle address parsin...
2010-04-16 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Add export_free()
2010-04-15 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Add helper for populating m_addrlist[]
2010-04-15 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Reduce code duplication in client_init()
2010-04-15 Mike Frysingerset +x on
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: replace xlog(L_FATAL) in client_check()
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Refactor wildcard checking in client_check()
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Refactor netgroup checking in client_check()
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Remove unused function client_checkaddr()
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Factor SUBNETWORK checking out of check_cl...
2010-04-08 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Factor FQDN checking out of check_client()
2010-04-08 Steve DicksonRemove some warnings that were introduced by commit...
2010-03-22 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: e_fslocdata should be freed with free(3) nfs-utils-1-2-3-rc1
2010-03-22 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Fix whitespace damage in support/export...
2010-03-22 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Clean up client_compose() and client_member()
2010-03-22 Chuck Leverlibexport.a: Remove dead code
2010-03-19 Chuck Levermount: Mount should retry unreachable hosts
2010-03-19 Chuck Leversm-notify: Send fully-qualified and unqualified mon_names
2010-03-17 Chuck Leversm-notify: Use my_name when sending SM_NOTIFY requests
2010-03-08 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: trivial: name parameters for clarity
2010-03-08 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: fix path comparison for v4 crossmnt
2010-03-08 Steve Dicksonmountd: fix --manage-gids hang due to int/uint bug
2010-03-08 Steve DicksonUse authunix_create() instead of authsys_create() to...
2010-03-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: add and use nfs_authsys_create
2010-03-01 Trond MyklebustFix a typo in commit 6d5ac3fa (nfsd: Disble NFS 4.1...
2010-02-18 Steve DicksonRelease 1.2.2 nfs-utils-1-2-2
2010-02-18 Chuck Levermount: Set protocol family properly for "udp" and ...
2010-02-17 Steve Dicksonnfsd: Disble NFS 4.1 functionality by default
2010-02-12 Jeff Laytonmount.nfs: make nfs_{nfs,mount}_proto set errno on...
2010-02-12 Jeff Laytonmount.nfs: return error if proto= option specified...
2010-02-12 Chuck Leverstatd: Remove SIMU_CRASH warning
2010-02-12 Jeff LaytonThis is the second iteration of this patch. The only...
2010-02-12 Ben Myersnfs-utils: don't fdatasync the rmtab
2010-02-12 Ben Myersnfs-utils: dont leak fd in mountlist_list
2010-02-12 Ben Myersnfs-utils: remove xflock timeout
2010-02-12 Chuck Levertext-based mount: Support protocol family negotiation
2010-02-12 Chuck Levertext-based mount: Set addr= option in nfs_try_mount_foo()
2010-02-12 Chuck Levertext-based mount: Replace nfs_lookup() with getaddrinfo(3)
2010-02-12 Chuck Levertext-based mount: Retry when server can't be reached
2010-02-08 Benny Halevynfsstat: use symbolic constants for operation array...
2010-02-08 Benny HalevyAdd recalim_complete to client stats.
2010-02-04 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: fix version-setting regression on old kernels
2010-01-25 Steve DicksonTeach nfs_compare_sockaddr() to handle NULL arguments.
2010-01-22 Steve DicksonAdded the sys/stat.h header file to a number of nfs-utils-1-2-2-rc9
2010-01-22 Steve DicksonRemove the idmapd.conf man. It now lives in the
2010-01-20 Steve Dicksonmount.nfs: Configuration file parser ignoring options
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcpwrapper: Add support for IPv6 nfs-utils-1-2-2-rc8
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcpwrapper: Eliminated shadowed declaration warnings
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcpwrapper: Fix signage problems in the tcp_wrappers...
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcp_wrapper: Clean up logit()
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcp_wrappers: Use getifaddrs(3) if it is available
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcpwrappers: Use xlog() instead of perror(3) and syslog(2)
2010-01-15 Steve DicksonTone down a number xlog messages in svc_create_bindaddr() nfs-utils-1-2-2-rc7
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: update rpc.statd(8) and sm-notify(8) to reflect...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Support TI-RPC statd listener
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: retain CAP_NET_BIND when dropping privileges
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Remove NL_ADDR() macro
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Support IPv6 in sm_stat_1_svc()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Support IPv6 in sm_mon_1_svc()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Add API to canonicalize mon_names
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Add support for multiple lines in monitor...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Factor atomic write code out of nsm_get_state()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: Save mon_name and my_name strings
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Support IPv6 in sm_simu_crash_1_svc
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Support IPv6 is caller_is_localhost()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: add IPv6 support in sm_notify_1_svc()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: add nsm_present_address() API
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Introduce statd version of matchhostname()
2010-01-15 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Collect socket address helpers into one...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: Support IPv6 DNS lookups in smn_lookup
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: Use getaddrinfo(3) to create bind address...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: IPv6 support in reserved port binding in...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: Support creating a PF_INET6 socket in smn_cr...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: factor socket creation out of notify()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverstatd: Update rmtcall.c
2010-01-15 Chuck Leversm-notify: Replace RPC code
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Add RPC construction helper functions
2010-01-13 J. Bruce FieldsRevert "Automatically set 'nohide' on referral exports." nfs-utils-1-2-2-rc6
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: better hiding of v4root exports from mountd...
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: minor v4root_set cleanup, check strdup return
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: simplify export list deferral in v4root_set
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: minor optimization in v4root_set
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: kill unnecessary m_mayexport check
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: mountlist_del_all cleanup
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: auth_authenticate_internal further cleanup
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: auth_authenticate_internal cleanup