Touch up some of the autotools files
[nfs-utils.git] / utils /
2007-02-05 Neil BrownRemove explicit path names from man page for showmount...
2007-02-04 Neil BrownAdd generated files to CLEANFILES in rquotad
2007-02-04 Neil BrownRemove path name for rpc.statd from manpage.
2007-02-04 Steinar H. GundersonFix an off-by-one in the handling of the -d option...
2007-02-04 Steinar H. GundersonVarious minor manpage fixes.
2007-02-04 Steinar H. GundersonAllow default options in /etc/exports
2007-02-04 Steinar H. GundersonMake mountd complain on unsupported uid mapping schemes
2007-01-11 Neil BrownEnsure 'showmount -e' gets current information.
2007-01-11 Neil BrownError check messages sent to the kernel.
2006-12-19 Jeff Laytonadd missing long option for -r in mountd
2006-12-19 Ian KentReduce showmount timeouts.
2006-12-18 Neil Brownnhfsstone remove due to license uncertainty.
2006-12-18 Jeff Laytonadd -r flag to make mountd do reverse resolve of ipaddr...
2006-12-18 Jeff Laytonremove extraneous mountlist_add/del calls and change...
2006-12-18 Jeff LaytonDon't rely on old info in my_client
2006-12-18 Ian Kentnfs-utils - mtab locking needed on add as well as update
2006-10-24 Steinar H. GundersonFix -n option to mountd
2006-10-24 Steinar H. GundersonDocument sensitive gids
2006-10-24 Neil BrownAssorted man page fixes
2006-10-16 Kevin CoffmanAllow gssd ccaches in MEMORY: rather than FILE:
2006-10-16 Olga KornievskaiaImplement a new version of lucid spkm3 context.
2006-10-16 J. Bruce FieldsDon't always use default mapping to "nobody".
2006-10-16 Kevin CoffmanFix misc warning messages
2006-08-21 Mike FrysingerAdd a SEE ALSO in nfsd man page
2006-08-08 Neil BrownOne final step in convertion of anon = -2 -> 65534
2006-08-07 Neil Brown"rpc.nfsd XX" should not fail if ports are already...
2006-08-07 Neil BrownRemove warning if neither 'sync' or 'async' present.
2006-07-21 Kevin CoffmanFix compilation problem - write_oid not defined
2006-07-08 Kevin CoffmanUse uid/gid of -1 to indicate the export's anonuid...
2006-07-07 Kevin CoffmanChange svcgssd_LDFLAGS to match gssd_LDFLAGS
2006-07-06 Neil BrownOnly use -rpath for Kerberos libs when actually needed.
2006-07-06 Neil BrownUse 65534 instead of -2 in svcgssd_proc.c
2006-07-05 Shankar AnandThis patch adds code to nfsstat to read /proc/net/rpc...
2006-07-05 Steinar H. GundersonFix typos in various man pages.
2006-07-05 Steinar H. GundersonUse 65534 for anon uid/gid rather than -2
2006-07-05 Greg BanksAdd rquota.h to BUILT_SOURCES so rquotad builds on...
2006-07-05 Neil BrownGenerate rquota_xdr.c and rquota.h from rquota.x
2006-07-05 Neil BrownRemove some files that old, unused, unneeded.
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduHandle mapping failure from get_ids.
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduProperly report errors in readline() function
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduChange default buffer size increment for readline()
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduClean up the printerr() logging function.
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduUse setfsuid() rather than seteuid() while creating...
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduLimit acquire_cred call to to Kerberos only
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduCheck that the gssapi library is usable early on.
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduFix problems with 64-bit big-endian machines
2006-07-04 kwc@citi.umich.eduDefine CFLAGS for gss_clnt_send_err compile
2006-07-03 Greg BanksMerge branch 'master' of git://
2006-07-02 Steve DicksonAllow rpc.nfsd to suppress tcp or udp, and listen on...
2006-06-27 Greg BanksComment out unused variable.
2006-06-27 Greg BanksComment out the decades-old SCCS id strings from the...
2006-06-27 Greg BanksDetect if glibc provides socklen_t and use that instead
2006-06-27 Greg BanksReplace the deprecated sigblock() with more modern
2006-06-26 Steve DicksonAdd support for suppressing different NFS versions.
2006-06-23 Neil BrownFurther coverity related cleanups.
2006-06-23 Neil BrownFix various issues discovered by Coverity
2006-06-23 Amit GudChange mount configure option to --enable-mount
2006-06-23 Amit GudMerge nfsmount.x and mount.x into mount.x
2006-06-23 Neil BrownTry to make sure that clientid used for NFSv4 is reliable.
2006-06-22 Greg BanksFix a number of the easier compile warnings: unused...
2006-06-22 Greg BanksDetect presence of nfs4_set_debug() in libnfsidmap and
2006-06-16 Greg Banksmultiple threads for mountd
2006-06-16 Neil BrownAdd support to auto-generate nfsmount* files for new...
2006-06-16 Amit GudMove NFS mount code from util-linux to nfs-utils -...
2006-06-05 Neil BrownMinor man page tidyup
2006-06-05 Neil Brownfix nhfsrun signal
2006-06-05 Neil Brownmountd state directory
2006-06-05 Neil Browndocument sync option:
2006-04-17 Neil Brown Remove **/, aclocal.m4, configure, and
2006-04-17 Neil BrownDefine and use HIAVE_IFADDRS_H
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 NeilBrown <>
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
2006-04-09 neilbrown2006-04-10
2006-04-09 neilbrown2006-04-10
2006-04-09 neilbrown2006-04-10
2006-03-28 neilbrownaclocal/autoconf/automake, properly this time.
2006-03-28 neilbrownUpdate version, autoconf, automake
2006-03-28 neilbrown Use PKGCONFIG to locate gssapi and rpcsecgss header...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Add debugging to better detect negotiation of enctype...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Don't close and reopen all pipes on every DNOTIFY...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Add option to specify directory to search for credenti...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Must still use knowledge of the glue context for pre...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Remove unused groups variable from get_ids() which...
2006-03-28 neilbrown Update krb5 code to use glue routine lucid context...
2006-03-28 neilbrownadd missing files from previous update
2006-03-28 neilbrown Separate out context handling code for MIT Kerberos...
2006-03-28 neilbrown User-selectable idmapping cache lifetime
2006-03-27 neilbrownFix up the svcgss mess I made, and run autoconf/automake
2006-03-26 neilbrown Set libnfsidmap library debugging level and logging...
2006-03-26 neilbrown Don't close file descriptor until after calling event_...
2005-12-21 neilbrownhead/tail fixes
2005-12-21 neilbrownHandle new-style quotactl.
2005-12-20 neilbrownRemove all the Makefiles
2005-12-20 neilbrownMore automake stuff
2005-12-20 neilbrownAutogen update
2005-12-20 neilbrownCorrect documentation of defautl export options nfs-utils-1-0-8-rc1a
2005-12-19 neilbrown utils/gssd/gssd_proc.c(create_auth_rpc_client): Use...
2005-12-16 neilbrownUpdates from Kevin Coffman at UMich
2005-11-03 neilbrownidmapd update from Steve Dickson