utils: Return status 0 on clean exits
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / mountd / mountd.man
2011-08-03 Mi Jinlongrpc.mountd: let mountd consult /etc/services for port
2010-10-20 Steve DicksonUpdated rpc.mountd man page
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Update mountd/exportfs man pages to reflect...
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonConverted good_client() to correctly use the tcp wrapper
2008-01-07 Steve DicksonFixed typo in rpc.mountd's man page
2007-05-08 Jeff Laytonupdate manpages for showmount and mountd
2007-02-12 Neil BrownSupport group-id looks for kernels that ask for them.
2006-06-16 Greg Banksmultiple threads for mountd
2006-06-05 Neil Brownmountd state directory
2004-09-06 neilbrownSupport --ha-callout for high-availability callouts nfs-utils-1-0-6-post3
2004-06-08 neilbrownfix careless editting in mountd.man
2003-07-17 neilbrownRelease 1.0.5 nfs-utils-1-0-5
2003-07-02 neilbrownSee Changelog nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre7
2002-04-08 hjl2002-04-08 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org> nfs-utils-1-0-1-pre4
2001-12-27 chip2001-12-26 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2001-11-26 chip2001-11-26 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2001-10-08 chipFix obsolete pathnames (/var/state -> /var/lib)
2001-06-05 hjl2001-06-05 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2000-11-09 hjl2000-11-09 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2000-08-26 hjl2000-08-25 Ion Badulescu <ionut@cs.columbia.edu>
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision