Fix reportbug scripts to use rpcinfo in /usr/sbin.
[nfs-utils.git] / debian / changelog
2013-05-12 Luk ClaesFix reportbug scripts to use rpcinfo in /usr/sbin.
2013-05-10 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.8-1 debian/1%1.2.8-1
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdjust version of replaces due to manpage move.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesDo not try to install dropped ChangeLog.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdd nfsdcltrack to nfs-kernel-server.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAdd libsqlite3-dev build dependency for nfsdcltrack.
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesRefresh 11-532048-reduce-verbosity.
2013-05-10 Luk Claesauth_unix_ip should downcall on error (Closes: #682709).
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesAvoid DNS reverse lookups on server names (Closes:...
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesNew upstream version (Closes: #707258).
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesUse rpcbind's rpcinfo everywhere (Closes: #707589).
2012-07-10 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.6-3 debian/1%1.2.6-3
2012-07-10 Luk ClaesIterate through exports.d to look for expors (Closes...
2012-05-26 Luk ClaesMove open-iscsi and watchdog to Suggests. debian/1%1.2.6-2
2012-05-25 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.6-1
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesAdd 19-iscsiadm-path.patch so osd_login works
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesInstall osd_login (part of the autologin feature)....
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesAdd 18-osd_login-sbindir.patch to avoid FTBFS
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesUpdate other patches.
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesCheck for blank exports file (Closes: #673798).
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesNew upstream version
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesAlso change owning group for /var/lib/nfs (Closes:...
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesMove rpc.svcgssd to nfs-common (Closes: #651558).
2012-01-22 Luk ClaesAdd libmount-dev to Build-Depends and explicitly enable it.
2011-12-09 Luk Claesdebian/control: add mount.nfs to the long Description debian/1%1.2.5-3
2011-12-09 Luk ClaesVersion libgssglue-dev build dependency (Closes: #651354).
2011-12-09 Luk Claes/run transition: nfs-common migrates /lib/init/rw/sends...
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/patches/18-dont-use-PAGE_SIZE.patch debian/1%1.2.5-2
2011-10-02 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.5-1 debian/1%1.2.5-1
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesInstall blkmapd and its manpage.
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesUse dh_autoreconf to make sure original files are restored.
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd build dependency on libdevmapper-dev for blkmapd
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/patches/17-multiarch-kerberos-paths.patch (Close...
2011-10-02 Luk Claesdebian/idmapd.conf: Comment Domain (Closes: #638607).
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd version to build-dep on libnfsidmap-dev (Closes...
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesAdd bug closures
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesDrop patches which are applied upstream
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-09-07 Ben escape ' nroff for proper rendering, thanks...
2011-08-06 Luk Claesnfs-kernel-server-default: Add comment about how to...
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesUse autoreconf to avoid build failure
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesAdd nfsidmap binary and manpage
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesRefresh
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesNew upstream version
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-06-18 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.3-3
2011-06-18 Luk ClaesAdd override for setuid mount.nfs
2011-06-18 Luk ClaesAdd build-arch and build-indep makefile targets to...
2011-06-07 Luk Claesstart-statd: Use bash (Closes: #621027)
2011-06-07 Luk ClaesFix CVE-2011-1749: Anticipate RLIMIT_FSIZE (Closes...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsAdd bug closure for Simon Paillard's man page fixes
2011-04-30 Ben Fix syntax errors and improve tabulation
2011-04-30 Ben Fix syntax errors
2011-04-30 Ben, Fix syntax errors, thanks...
2011-04-13 Luk ClaesUse rpcinfo instead of /dev/tcp redirection
2011-04-11 Luk ClaesExclude state files from dh_md5sum
2011-04-11 Luk ClaesRemove very old versioned dependencies on netbase and...
2011-04-11 Luk ClaesRemove build dependency on librpcsecgss-dev as it's...
2011-04-08 Ben HutchingsRelease 1.2.3-2 debian/1%1.2.3-2
2011-04-08 Ben HutchingsDepend on rpcbind unconditionally (Closes: #619877)
2011-03-29 Luk Claesnfs-common: Add Recommends python for mountstats and... debian/1%1.2.3-1
2011-03-29 Luk ClaesBuild depend on libtirpc-dev and enable IPv6 (Closes...
2011-03-29 Luk ClaesInstall bug scripts to ease debuging
2011-03-29 Luk Claesnfs-common.init: Enable idmapd by default (Closes:...
2011-03-29 Luk ClaesMake sure everything is shipped (inspired by #594933)
2011-03-29 Luk ClaesMake sure everything is shipped (Closes: #594933)
2011-03-29 Luk Claes - mountd: fix --manage-gids hang due to int/uint...
2011-03-29 Luk Claes* New upstream release
2011-03-29 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'upstream/1.2.3'
2011-03-16 Luk Claesreleasing version 1:1.2.2-5 debian/1%1.2.2-5
2011-03-13 Luk Claesnfs-common.default, nfs-kernel-server.default: Remove...
2011-03-13 Luk ClaesAdd #562737 closure for portmap warning entry
2011-03-13 Luk ClaesAdd #561718 closure for portmap warning entry
2011-03-13 Luk Claesnfs-common.init: Add statd to sendsigs.omit.d (Closes...
2011-03-13 Luk Claesnfs-common.init: Add --pidfile for statd (Closes: ...
2011-03-13 Luk Claesnfs-common.init, nfs-kernel-server.init: Add warning...
2010-10-24 Ben Hutchingsnfs-kernel-server.init: Add Should-Start: $named (Close...
2010-10-02 Ben Update distinction between fstypes
2010-10-02 Ben Update distinction between mount.nfs...
2010-08-26 Ben HutchingsRelease 1.2.2-4 debian/1%1.2.2-4
2010-08-26 Cristian Ionescu... nfs-common.init: Ignore empty and commented-out fstab...
2010-08-26 Ben Hutchingsmountd: fix path comparison for v4 crossmnt (Closes...
2010-08-26 Ben HutchingsOpen changelog for 1.2.2-4
2010-08-08 Ben HutchingsRelease 1.2.2-3 debian/1%1.2.2-3
2010-07-15 Ben HutchingsAdd control fields pointing to the new git repository
2010-07-15 Ben Hutchingsrpc.statd: Allow monitoring of addresses without names...
2010-07-15 Ben Hutchingsmount.nfs: Preserve explicit port=2049 option (Closes...
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsOpen changelog for 1.2.2-3
2010-07-14 Anibal Monsalve... Imported Debian patch 1.2.2-2 debian/1%1.2.2-2
2010-07-14 Vagrant CascadianImported Debian patch 1.2.2-1.1 debian/1%1.2.2-1.1
2010-07-14 Anibal Monsalve... Imported Debian patch 1.2.2-1 debian/1%1.2.2-1
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-07-14 Anibal Monsalve... Imported Debian patch 1.2.1-3 debian/1%1.2.1-3
2010-07-14 Anibal Monsalve... Imported Debian patch 1.2.1-2 debian/1%1.2.1-2
2010-07-14 Alexander WirtImported Debian patch 1.2.1-1.1 debian/1%1.2.1-1.1
2010-07-14 Anibal Monsalve... Imported Debian patch 1.2.1-1 debian/1%1.2.1-1
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsImported Debian patch 1.2.0-4.1 debian/1%1.2.0-4.1