statd: Replace note() with xlog() in rpc.statd
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / showmount /
2009-03-04 Chuck Levershowmount command: remove legacy RPC logic
2009-01-07 Chuck Levershowmount command: Quiesce warning when TI-RPC is disabled
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: support querying IPv6 servers
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: move logic to acquire RPC client...
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: Remove unused local getport() implem...
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: call nfs_getport instead of local...
2008-09-26 Chuck Levershowmount: destroy RPC client when finished
2008-09-26 Chuck Levershowmount command: clean up error returns from connect_nb()
2008-07-25 Martin Leisnershowmount issues
2008-03-18 Steve DicksonMake sure showmount fails when rpc.mountd is not registered
2007-07-29 Neil BrownAdd -Wstrict-prototypes to compiler args, and fix warni...
2007-05-08 Jeff Laytonupdate manpages for showmount and mountd
2007-02-22 Neil BrownFix showmount bugs.
2007-02-05 Neil BrownRemove explicit path names from man page for showmount...
2007-02-04 Steinar H. GundersonVarious minor manpage fixes.
2006-12-19 Ian KentReduce showmount timeouts.
2006-07-05 Steinar H. GundersonFix typos in various man pages.
2006-04-17 Neil Brown Remove **/, aclocal.m4, configure, and
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
2006-03-28 neilbrownaclocal/autoconf/automake, properly this time.
2005-12-20 neilbrownRemove all the Makefiles
2005-12-20 neilbrownMore automake stuff
2005-12-20 neilbrownAutogen update
2005-04-12 gmorrisAdded TOP, as needed, for easier compile in subdirectories
2003-09-09 chip * utils/showmount/showmount.c (main): Fix inet_ntoa...
2001-11-26 chip2001-11-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision