gssd: Fix double free when exporting lucid context
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / gssd / context_lucid.c
2013-04-10 Simo Sorcegssd: Fix double free when exporting lucid context
2012-01-05 Jim Meyeringgssd: avoid double-free upon write failure
2011-07-21 Benjamin Coddingtongssd: Fix typo in debug string
2010-07-19 Doug Nazargssd: Fix endtime issue
2010-04-16 Kevin CoffmanAdd support for non-DES encryption types.
2009-03-23 Jeff Laytongssd: initialize fakeseed in prepare_krb5_rfc1964_buffer
2009-03-05 Chuck Levergssd: include gssapi/gssapi.h before write_bytes.h
2009-03-05 Chuck Levergssd: Use same style for including config.h that rest...
2008-12-11 Kevin Coffmangssd/svcgssd: add support to retrieve actual context...
2007-02-09 Kevin CoffmanShare handling of lucid_sec_context for Heimdal and MIT