2016-09-25 Ben HutchingsAdd slides about moving code signing to dak
2016-09-25 Ben HutchingsUpdate description of linux-signed and module signatures
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsUpdate "Securing the Linux kernel" to mention kexec_fil...
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsAdd brief description of how HPe does SB on ARM64
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsDelete bogus footers from the Credits slide
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsDelete the sequence of graphics for SB
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsUpdate my biography
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsRename in preparation to rewrite for Kernel Recipes
2016-09-24 Ben HutchingsAdd "Secure Boot vs the Debian linux package" as delive...