2014-10-08 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: Set bound state true before script_call in...
2014-10-08 Steven Barthscript: don't leak IA_PD / IA_NA if not yet bound
2014-10-08 Steven BarthEnsure signal-safety of signal handlers
2014-10-06 Steven BarthExport DHCPv6 server address to env
2014-09-27 Steven BarthSend RS alternatingly with and without source MAC
2014-08-25 Steven BarthEnable softwire-support by default
2014-08-22 Steven BarthAlso test for correct IA-ID for IA_NA
2014-08-22 Steven Barthia_na: use big-endian 1 as IAID
2014-08-13 Steven BarthRemove BFD from master-branch (kept in BFD-branch)
2014-07-21 Steven BarthSend router solicitations with source link-layer address
2014-05-30 Steven BarthFilter FQDN as well
2014-05-30 Steven BarthImprove filter
2014-05-23 Steven Barthfilter DNS-domain from passthru
2014-05-23 Steven BarthAdd support for DHCPv6 option passthru
2014-05-08 Steven BarthAdd MAPE / MAPT / LW4O6 to Readme
2014-05-08 Steven Barthsoftwire: fix DMR parsing
2014-04-30 Steven BarthFix compiler warning
2014-04-30 Steven BarthMAP: export type value in rules
2014-04-30 Steven BarthFix MAP parameter parsing
2014-04-28 Steven BarthIgnore multiple MAP-E instances for now and output...
2014-04-28 Steven BarthInitial support for MAP & LW4O6 provisioning
2014-04-09 Steven BarthFix fallout
2014-04-09 Steven BarthRevert "Revert to old behaviour regarding information...
2014-04-03 sbyxMerge pull request #19 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-04-03 Hans DedeckerAdd user-class option in help text and minor clean up
2014-04-01 Steven BarthCorrectly clear CER
2014-04-01 Steven BarthDon't disable looping (meh)
2014-03-30 Steven BarthAdd initial support for CER-ID
2014-03-24 Steven BarthStop rebinding when all IAs are lost
2014-03-18 Steven BarthFix building with clang 3.4
2014-03-11 Steven BarthFix HMAC-MD5 verify in reconfigure
2014-03-07 Steven Barthfix integer overflow after 50 days (thx Hauke Mehrtens)
2014-03-05 Steven Barthra: don't set nd_ra_{reachable,retransmit} to 0
2014-03-05 Steven BarthSet default for min-update-interval to 30
2014-03-04 sbyxMerge pull request #18 from kaspar030/rebase
2014-03-04 Kaspar Schleiseradd option to specify minimum interval for accepting...
2014-03-01 Steven BarthFix invalid use of open()
2014-02-19 Steven BarthMake hex-string say base-16 encoded in help
2014-02-17 Steven BarthReintroduce Reconfigure-Accept in Request-Message
2014-02-12 sbyxMerge pull request #16 from kaspar030/use_enum_for_iov
2014-02-12 Kaspar Schleiseruse enum to specify order and indexes of iov struct.
2014-02-06 Steven BarthFix fallout from userclass addition
2014-02-06 sbyxMerge pull request #15 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-02-05 Hans DedeckerFix default sol max rt value in help text
2014-02-05 Hans DedeckerFix T1, T2 and T3 timer values in case of infinite...
2014-02-05 Steven BarthAdd user-class option
2014-02-03 Steven BarthRevert "RA: fix on-link/off-link handling"
2014-02-02 Steven BarthRA: fix on-link/off-link handling
2014-01-29 Steven BarthAdd example status script
2014-01-29 Steven BarthDon't export IAID as class if IAID is 1 (default)
2014-01-29 Steven BarthBump copyright headers
2014-01-29 sbyxMerge pull request #12 from kaspar030/pid_usage_filenam...
2014-01-29 Kaspar Schleiserfix pidfile default in help text
2014-01-28 Steven BarthFix stateless mode
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiseroutput prefix IAID as prefix class in script
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiseradd support Vendor Class option
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiserallow disabling "client fqdn" and "accept reconfigurati...
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiseradd support for multiple prefixes with distinct IAIDs
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiseradded command line switch for strict oro
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiserfix NTP server option handling
2014-01-11 sbyxMerge pull request #11 from NeoRaider/fixes
2014-01-10 Matthias SchifferFix race conditions in signal handling
2014-01-10 Matthias SchifferUse getifaddrs to get the interface-id when not specified
2014-01-10 Matthias SchifferWhitespace fixes
2014-01-05 Steven BarthSwitch to a leaner MD5 library
2013-12-30 Steven BarthRevert to old behaviour regarding information requests
2013-12-30 Steven BarthRevert "Server unicast option support"
2013-12-30 Steven BarthFix compilation and cleanup
2013-12-30 sbyxMerge pull request #9 from dedeckeh/master
2013-12-30 Hans DedeckerSupport for SOL_MAX_RT and INF_MAX_RT options (RFC7083)
2013-12-27 Hans DedeckerDrop DHCPv6 messages containing invalid option length
2013-12-27 Hans DedeckerRevert "Fix handling of DHCPv6 messages containing...
2013-12-24 Hans DedeckerAdd ICMPv6 validity check
2013-12-24 Hans DedeckerRevert "Fix parsing of Router Advertisement messsages"
2013-12-19 Hans DedeckerParse Router Advertisement Hop Limit parameter
2013-12-12 Hans DedeckerFix parsing of Router Advertisement messsages
2013-12-12 Hans DedeckerFix handling of DHCPv6 messages containing option lengt...
2013-12-12 Hans DedeckerFix server candidate selection logic
2013-12-01 Hans DedeckerFine tune server candidate selection logic
2013-12-01 Hans DedeckerBasic error checking when initializing ra
2013-12-01 Hans DedeckerFix receive rounds end condition
2013-12-01 Hans DedeckerRemove setsockopt error checking
2013-11-13 Hans DedeckerServer unicast option support
2013-11-13 Hans DedeckerImproved message validation checks and socket error...
2013-11-11 Steven BarthFinalizing bfd work
2013-11-06 Steven BarthFix bfd ping
2013-11-05 Steven BarthAdd experimental and unfinished bfd ping work
2013-10-30 Steven BarthReact to carrier down events as well
2013-10-30 Steven BarthFix compilation on 32-bit platforms
2013-10-30 Steven BarthDetect "carrier up"-events and restart transaction
2013-10-29 Steven BarthMake -F and -P arguments position independent
2013-10-29 Steven BarthBe less verbose when sending solicits
2013-10-29 Steven BarthFix RA spam filter logic
2013-10-23 Steven BarthFix compilation on 64-bit platforms
2013-10-23 Hans Dedeckerodhpc6c: status code support in reply
2013-10-23 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: preference and status code support in advertise
2013-10-23 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: message retransmission count support
2013-10-23 Steven BarthAvoid updating too often if ISP spams RAs
2013-10-17 Steven BarthFix handling of PD-Advertisements
2013-10-14 Steven BarthMake SOL_MAX_RT configurable and default to 120