nfsidmap: Added Error Logging
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / nfsd / nfssvc.c
2011-09-20 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: allow choosing server 41 support at runtime
2011-05-23 NeilBrownsupress socket error when address family is not supported
2010-09-27 Chuck Levernfsd: Enable IPv6 support in rpc.nfsd again.
2010-09-16 Jeff Laytonrpc.nfsd: mount up nfsdfs is it doesn't appear to be... nfs-utils-1-2-3-rc6
2010-08-09 Steve DicksonRemoved warnings from nfssvc.c
2010-02-04 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: fix version-setting regression on old kernels
2009-11-12 Steve DicksonRemove the AI_ADDRCONFIG hint flag to getaddrinfo(...
2009-09-14 Jeff LaytonIPv6 support for nfsd was finished before some of the...
2009-08-14 Jeff LaytonAllow nfssvc_setfds to properly deal with AF_INET6.
2009-08-14 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: convert nfssvc_setfds to use getaddrinfo
2009-08-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: move check for active knfsd to helper function
2009-08-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: declare a static common buffer for nfssvc...
2009-08-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: convert rpc.nfsd to use xlog()
2009-08-01 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: move nfssvc.c to nfsd dir and clean up linki...