Introduce a new DNS resolver function in utils/mount/network.c that uses
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / mount / network.h
2008-07-15 Chuck LeverIntroduce a new DNS resolver function in utils/mount...
2007-08-24 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Create a new API to find out client's address
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverlibnfs.a: eliminate conn.c and conn.h
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverlibnfs.a: move clnt_ping() to utils/mount
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverlibnfs.a: move more mount-only functions out of libnfs.a
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverlibnfs.a: move mnt_{open, close}clnt calls to utils...
2007-07-30 Chuck Leverumount.nfs: move nfs_call_umount to network.c
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Move start_statd into nfs_mount
2007-07-20 Chuck Levermount.nfs: Move network functions into a common source...