If mount.nfs is not installed setuid, an attempt to perform a "user"
[nfs-utils.git] / configure.ac
2008-03-14 Steve DicksonRelease 1.1.2 nfs-utils-1-1-2
2008-03-05 Chuck LeverAs part of migrating from nfs@lists.sf.net to linux...
2007-10-19 Neil BrownRelease 1.1.1 nfs-utils-1-1-1
2007-09-11 Kevin CoffmanChange to a dependency on libgssglue rather than libgssapi
2007-08-09 Neil BrownRemove ARCH-specific compile flags for ALPHA.
2007-07-29 Neil BrownAdd -Wstrict-prototypes to compiler args, and fix warni...
2007-07-10 Neil Brownconfigure changed to corrently report the default for...
2007-05-11 Neil BrownRelease 1.1.0 nfs-utils-1-1-0
2007-05-08 Neil BrownRemove rquotad
2007-05-03 Neil BrownDetect version of libblkid and act accordingly.
2007-04-20 Neil BrownChange version to 1.1.0-rc2 nfs-utils-1-1-0-rc2
2007-04-20 Kevin CoffmanUpdate libgssapi requirements
2007-03-29 Neil BrownUpdate version to 1.1.0-rc1 nfs-utils-1-1-0-rc1
2007-03-29 Neil BrownRename configure.in to configure.ac