sm-notify command: use static function definitions
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / statd / sm-notify.c
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: use static function definitions
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: replace nsm_address typedef
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: clean up error logging
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: getaddrinfo(3) addrinfo leak
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: include <config.h>
2008-07-25 Steve Dicksonsm-notify: perform DNS lookup in the background.
2007-07-29 Neil BrownAdd -Wstrict-prototypes to compiler args, and fix warni...
2007-04-16 Neil BrownMake that last patch compile...
2007-04-16 Neil BrownBe more cautious about use for privilege ports (<1024).
2007-04-02 Neil BrownTell NFS/lockd client what that local state number is.
2007-03-29 Neil Brownsm-notify: Try all addresses of a multihomed host.
2007-03-29 Neil Brownsm-notify - fix bugs related to run-only-once.
2007-03-22 Neil Brownsm-notify - Fix typos in Usage message.
2007-03-20 Neil Brownsm-notify - use state directory provided via ./configure
2007-03-19 Neil Brownsm-notify - compile and install
2007-03-19 Neil Brownsm-notify - drop privileges before receiving packets...
2007-03-19 Neil BrownPrevent sm-notify from being run multiple times per...
2007-03-19 Neil Brownsm-notify: remove addr_parse
2007-03-19 Neil Brownsm-notify: Allow base path to be set by command line...
2007-03-19 Neil BrownAdd sm-notify from SuSE