nfsidmap: Added Error Logging
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / mountd / mountd.c
2011-08-03 Matthew Treinishmountd: Fixed strcmp usage in in insert groups.
2010-10-14 Chuck Levermountd: Clear mountd registrations at start up nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc1
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Use MNT status values instead of NFSERR
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Fix up version and usage messages
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Unregister mountd if my_svc_run() returns
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Support TI-RPC mountd listener
2010-09-27 Chuck Levermountd: Make NFS version checks more strict
2010-09-16 Chuck Levermountd: clean up cache API
2010-09-16 Chuck Levermountd: support IPv6 in mountlist_del_all()
2010-09-16 Chuck Levermountd: Support IPv6 in mountd's svc routines
2010-09-16 Chuck Levermountd: add IPv6 support in auth_authenticate()
2010-09-16 Chuck Leverlibnfs.a: Fix API for getfh() & friends
2010-08-09 Steve DicksonRemoved warnings from mountd.c
2010-06-22 Chuck Levermountd: Replace "struct hostent" with "struct addrinfo"
2010-05-24 NeilBrownMountd listens on 2 different versions for NFSv2 (MOUNT...
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: get_exportlist() cleanup
2010-01-13 J. Bruce Fieldsmountd: move most of get_exportlist() into helpers
2010-01-13 Steve Dicksonexports: hide pseudo exports from clients
2009-08-24 J. Bruce FieldsDon't give client an empty flavor list
2009-06-03 NeilBrownRetry export if getfh fails.
2009-04-03 Ben MyersMountd should use separate lockfiles
2009-03-05 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Provide type-checked version of svc_getcaller()
2009-02-18 Tomas RichterExportfs and rpc.mountd optimalization
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsDetermine supported pseudoflavors from export
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsMinor mountd.c cleanup
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsRemove redundant m_path field
2008-03-18 bc WongThere were 2 things wrong with auth flavour ordering:
2008-02-12 Harshula JayasuriyaIn mountd, if get_exportlist() (utils/mountd/mountd...
2007-09-28 Jeff Laytonrpc.mountd: add new mode for handling netgroup-heavy...
2007-05-11 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: have mountd hold open etab file to force...
2007-03-19 Neil BrownAllow exporting of a subfilesystem when 'crossmnt'...
2007-02-12 Neil BrownSupport group-id looks for kernels that ask for them.
2007-01-11 Neil BrownEnsure 'showmount -e' gets current information.
2007-01-11 Neil BrownError check messages sent to the kernel.
2006-12-19 Jeff Laytonadd missing long option for -r in mountd
2006-12-18 Jeff Laytonadd -r flag to make mountd do reverse resolve of ipaddr...
2006-12-18 Jeff Laytonremove extraneous mountlist_add/del calls and change...
2006-10-24 Steinar H. GundersonFix -n option to mountd
2006-07-03 Greg BanksMerge branch 'master' of git://
2006-06-22 Greg BanksFix a number of the easier compile warnings: unused...
2006-06-16 Greg Banksmultiple threads for mountd
2006-06-05 Neil Brownmountd state directory
2005-12-20 neilbrownAutogen update
2005-10-07 neilbrownSmall nfs-utils patch from Olaf Kirch
2005-10-06 neilbrownAssorted changes from Steve Dickson nfs-utils-1-0-7-post6
2005-08-26 neilbrown2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
2005-03-14 neilbrownSanitise stderr logging.
2004-09-06 neilbrownSupport --ha-callout for high-availability callouts nfs-utils-1-0-6-post3
2003-09-12 neilbrown1.0.6
2003-09-12 neilbrownWork around RLIMIT_NOFILE-to-big problem nfs-utils-1-0-5-post2nfs-utils-1-0-5-post3
2003-08-06 neilbrownChange CROSSMNT to CROSSMOUNT
2003-08-04 neilbrownOpen channel files O_WRONLY, and improve mountlist... nfs-utils-1-0-5-post1
2003-07-17 neilbrownRelease 1.0.5 nfs-utils-1-0-5
2003-07-14 neilbrownAssorted fixes
2003-07-02 neilbrownSee Changelog nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre7
2003-05-30 neilbrownnew "mountpoint" export option.
2003-05-23 neilbrownStuff nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre4
2003-05-21 neilbrownSupport new kernel upcalls for export cache management.
2003-02-19 neilbrownSee Changelog
2002-04-08 hjl2002-04-08 H.J. Lu <> nfs-utils-1-0-1-pre4
2001-10-11 chip2001-10-11 Chip Salzenberg <>
2001-10-08 chip2001-10-08 Chip Salzenberg <>
2001-06-05 hjl2001-06-05 H.J. Lu <>
2001-05-28 hjl2001-05-28 H.J. Lu <>
2001-02-11 hjl2001-02-02 H.J. Lu <>
2000-11-09 hjl2000-11-09 H.J. Lu <>
2000-08-26 hjl2000-08-25 Ion Badulescu <>
2000-08-23 neilbrown1/ be less trusting of information in /var/lib/nfs...
2000-06-06 hjl2000-06-05 H.J. Lu <>
2000-03-21 neilbrownChange to using variable length file handles, for bette...
2000-01-10 hjlMon Jan 10 14:26:33 2000 H.J. Lu <>
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision