statd: Replace note() with xlog() in rpc.statd
[nfs-utils.git] / utils / idmapd / idmapd.c
2009-09-14 Jeff Laytonidmapd: rearm event handler after error in nfsdcb()
2009-08-16 Steve DicksonMove idmapd's configuration file parsing routines into
2009-06-29 Steve Dicksonmydaemon: remove closeall() calls from mydaemon()
2009-03-23 Steve DicksonIn recent Fedora builds, the '-D _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2... nfs-utils-1-1-6-rc3
2009-02-18 Lukas Hejtmanekrpc.idmapd should tell the user more verbosely if Dnotify
2008-02-26 NeilBrownIf validateascii is passed a string containing only...
2007-10-14 Kevin CoffmanRemove old logging implementation for idmapd and rework...
2007-07-30 Neil BrownFix more 'prototype' warnings and other warnings.
2007-02-09 Kevin CoffmanStop using storage after free
2007-02-09 Kevin CoffmanFix memory leak in idmapd.
2006-10-16 J. Bruce FieldsDon't always use default mapping to "nobody".
2006-07-03 Greg BanksMerge branch 'master' of git://
2006-06-23 Neil BrownFurther coverity related cleanups.
2006-06-23 Neil BrownFix various issues discovered by Coverity
2006-06-22 Greg BanksFix a number of the easier compile warnings: unused...
2006-06-22 Greg BanksDetect presence of nfs4_set_debug() in libnfsidmap and
2006-04-10 neilbrown2006-04-10 NeilBrown <>
2006-03-28 neilbrown User-selectable idmapping cache lifetime
2006-03-26 neilbrown Set libnfsidmap library debugging level and logging...
2006-03-26 neilbrown Don't close file descriptor until after calling event_...
2005-12-16 neilbrownUpdates from Kevin Coffman at UMich
2005-11-03 neilbrownidmapd update from Steve Dickson
2005-10-06 neilbrownAssorted changes from Steve Dickson nfs-utils-1-0-7-post6
2005-08-26 neilbrown2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
2005-08-26 neilbrown2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <> nfs-utils-1-0-7-post1
2004-11-22 neilbrown*** empty log message ***
2004-11-22 neilbrownfurther idmapd update
2004-11-22 neilbrownmore idmapd updates
2004-11-22 neilbrownidmapd updates
2004-09-15 neilbrownAdd the idmapd files... nfs-utils-1-0-6-post6