"rpc.nfsd XX" should not fail if ports are already open.
[nfs-utils.git] / support / nfs / nfssvc.c
2006-08-07 Neil Brown"rpc.nfsd XX" should not fail if ports are already...
2006-07-07 Steve DicksonCall nfssvc_versbits before nfssvc_setfds
2006-07-03 Greg BanksMerge branch 'master' of git://linux-nfs.org/nfs-utils
2006-07-02 Steve DicksonAllow rpc.nfsd to suppress tcp or udp, and listen on...
2006-06-26 Steve DicksonAdd support for suppressing different NFS versions.
2005-12-20 neilbrownAutogen update
2003-08-04 neilbrown/proc/fs/nfsd as an alternate to /proc/fs/nfsd nfs-utils-1-0-5-post2
2003-07-03 neilbrownrpc.nfsd to write to /proc/fs/nfs/threads if available nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre9
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision