Merge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/cs-set-log-suite'
[dak.git] / config /
2016-05-18 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcristau/multivalued'
2016-05-16 Ansgar BurchardtRemove more changelog-related settings
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdak.conf: Remove changelog export path
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: Remove `Security-Install...
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: Remove references to non-US
2016-05-16 Ansgar Burchardtdebian-security/dak.conf: set changelog export directory
2016-05-03 Ansgar BurchardtNotify w-b earlier
2016-05-01 Ansgar BurchardtPublish security archive on all changes
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertImplement mirrorpush-release function
2016-04-02 Ansgar BurchardtAdd "mirror" so POSSIBLEARGS
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertUps, that backports dir is still in use
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertGenerate new.html stuff atomic
2016-04-02 Joerg JaspertRemove an old backports-master dir, remove lock uncheck...
2016-03-31 Ansgar Burchardtdebian: Add release team key to import testing-debug
2016-03-13 Joerg JaspertNo need to export backports changelogs anymore
2016-03-13 Joerg JaspertStop work in the backports archive
2016-02-06 Ansgar BurchardtArchitecture names can have more than one character
2016-02-06 Ansgar BurchardtComponents-*.yml can exist for all architectures
2016-01-23 Joerg JaspertTake away static-update-components stdin, its ssh eats it
2016-01-23 Joerg JaspertVarious small fixups/style issues
2016-01-23 Ansgar BurchardtAdd new "mirror" cronscript
2016-01-05 Joerg JaspertLink tracefiles into webview
2016-01-04 Joerg JaspertAlso create Date: line in archives tracefiles
2016-01-04 Joerg JaspertCreate archive serial
2016-01-04 Joerg JaspertLink "master" to the tracefile, to have one name only
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertStyle foo
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertNew function for tempfile generation
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertRemove dead code
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertMake timestamping configurable and only let dinstall...
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'DktrKranz/fixes'
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertProper timestamps in the logs
2016-01-02 Joerg JaspertEntirely make cronscript magic
2016-01-01 Joerg JaspertOnly hardcode path to config if variable isn't set
2016-01-01 Joerg JaspertUpdate crontab file to match reality
2016-01-01 Joerg JaspertMove the reboot-lock handling into the cronscript and...
2016-01-01 Joerg JaspertThose who take a lock shall give it back later
2016-01-01 Joerg JaspertThere can be only one
2015-12-31 Joerg Jasperts/true/false/
2015-12-31 Joerg JaspertMove 3 update- scripts into dinstall.functions/tasks...
2015-12-31 Joerg JaspertAdjust ERR state for many functions
2015-12-31 Joerg JaspertOnly have an underscore in stagefile if args is non...
2015-12-31 Joerg JaspertRotate REPORT files
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertArchive queue/done in monthly cronjob
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertAdd yearly cronjob
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertAdjust common functions
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertHandle yearly cronjobs
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertA bit more logging, and newoverview in hourly runs...
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'lamby/link-homepage'...
2015-12-30 Joerg JaspertVarious
2015-12-29 Joerg JaspertAnd away with the old scripts
2015-12-29 Joerg JaspertLoadsa changes to make new cronscript way work
2015-12-29 Joerg JaspertAdjust crontab
2015-12-28 Joerg JaspertAdjust cronscripts to end up with just one
2015-12-28 Joerg JaspertSort extrafiles
2015-12-27 Joerg JaspertGenerate "extrafiles", (closes: #752134)
2015-12-26 Joerg JaspertAdd another contributor source, listing the git repos...
2015-12-26 Joerg JaspertMake contributor submissions work again
2015-12-25 Joerg Jaspertnotify about errors, dont stop script
2015-12-25 Joerg Jaspertremove more unused code
2015-12-25 Joerg Jaspertdont hardcode testing/unstable names, use an extra...
2015-12-25 Joerg Jaspertremove unused code
2015-12-25 Joerg Jaspertensure boolean values are true/false only
2015-12-25 Joerg JaspertComments, loads of comments
2015-12-25 Joerg JaspertRemove an indirection
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertCheck the new tree, not the public one
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertMove ddaccess sync out of the locked area and background it
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertDon't overwrite mirrordir variable
2015-12-24 Joerg Jaspertautocruft doesnt care about args, so why bother
2015-12-24 Joerg Jaspertlocal is nice for variables in functions
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertGuard against non-existing tracefiles (eg. new archive)
2015-12-24 Joerg Jaspertssh in a while loop really wants -n
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertFixup columns. second is ARGS not TIME
2015-12-24 Joerg JaspertA for loop likes a done at the end, who would have...
2015-12-23 Joerg JaspertGet rid of lots of repetitions calling stage
2015-12-23 Joerg JaspertAdjust the mirror function to be generic
2015-12-20 Ansgar BurchardtAnd it seems like apache doesn't like abolute paths...
2015-12-20 Ansgar BurchardtAlso allow access to the lintian.tags file
2015-12-20 Ansgar BurchardtUse an alias for lintian.tags
2015-12-19 Ansgar Burchardtdinstall: also push debug mirrors
2015-12-19 Ansgar BurchardtRun dak manage-debug-suites.
2015-12-19 Ansgar BurchardtOnly mirror for ftp-master and backports
2015-12-19 Ansgar BurchardtAlso handle "debian-debug" archive.
2015-12-18 Joerg JaspertUse log() not echo() to get timestamps
2015-12-18 Joerg Jaspertcron.hourly locks itself
2015-12-12 Joerg JaspertNew files in Release file - adjust the check
2015-12-06 Joerg Jaspertdep11 people not knowing their own layout poooooooooor...
2015-12-06 Joerg JaspertFix cd
2015-12-06 Joerg JaspertTarget dir may not yet exist
2015-12-06 Joerg JaspertA for loop like a done, not a fi, at the end
2015-12-06 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'ximion/dep11' into dmerge
2015-12-05 Matthias KlumppInclude AppStream metadata from the generator server
2015-11-08 Ansgar BurchardtUse /srv instead of /org
2015-11-08 Ansgar Burchardtsecurity-master.d.o is moving to seger.d.o
2015-11-08 Ansgar Burchardtftp-master.d.o: Redirect /testing/* to release.d.o
2015-10-17 Joerg JaspertSwitch from gid=800 to supplementaryGid=Debian
2015-10-12 Jakub Wilklintian.tags: remove binary-file-compressed-with-upx
2015-10-03 Ansgar Burchardtconfig-security: also refresh Release for buildd archiv...
2015-09-10 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'lamby/misc-fixes-796786...
2015-09-10 Joerg JaspertMerge remote-tracking branch 'lamby/improve-parse-chang...
2015-08-30 Joerg JaspertUps, architectures have more than just one character...