Release versions 1.2.11 and 1.2.11-1
[videolink.git] / generate_dvd.hpp
2009-02-25 Ben HutchingsRemove inclusion of <boost/shared_ptr.hpp> and build...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved support for mjpegtools <1.8.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsAdded auto-cleaning temporary directories.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsMoved generation of menu VOBs from videolink_window...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up to date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsMoved xml_escape into a separate file.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsSeparated out dvd_contents and generate_dvd.