Release versions 1.2.11 and 1.2.11-1
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2011-06-20 Ben HutchingsUpdate XULRunner version dependency in README
2009-08-16 Ben HutchingsSet the XULRunner version requirement to exclude 1.9.1 1.2.8
2009-02-25 Ben HutchingsSwitch from mkisofs to genisoimage
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsUpdated copyright year.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsNoted that ".mpg" extension is recognised as indicating...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsSpecified video encoder requirements more precisely.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved warning about Mozilla <1.8, which is no longer...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved lone word "Currently".
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved support for mjpegtools <1.8.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsAdded explanation and example of linking to chapters.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsSwitched to gtkmm 2.4+ since gtkmm 2.0 is being removed...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsImplemented some keyboard commands in preview mode.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsUpdated for removal of Mozilla 1.7 support.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRewrote navigation code generator to support menus...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsMoved generation of menu VOBs from videolink_window...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsStopped setting assumed screen resolution in Mozilla...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsUpdated documentation.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsUpdated for Mozilla 1.8 and XULRunner.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRenamed package due to name clash.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsChanged video standard nomenclature to be completely...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up to date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved version requirement on mjpegtools.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought up to date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsAdded various notes and updated copyright date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsMoved xml_escape into a separate file.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up-to-date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up-to-date. 0.5
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up-to-date. 0.4
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsImplemented preview mode. Updated documentation accordi...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsChanged WebDvdWindow to generate temporary files in...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsImported version 0.1 0.1