2013-10-23 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: message retransmission count support
2013-10-23 Steven BarthAvoid updating too often if ISP spams RAs
2013-10-17 Steven BarthFix handling of PD-Advertisements
2013-10-14 Steven BarthMake SOL_MAX_RT configurable and default to 120
2013-10-14 Steven BarthPrefer servers with bigger prefixes
2013-10-11 Steven BarthDon't hang indefinitely if REQUEST is never answered
2013-10-07 Steven Barthodhcp6c: improve server selection
2013-10-04 Steven BarthCheck for local addr more often
2013-10-02 Steven Barthra: validate hop-limit
2013-09-21 Steven BarthHandle NoAddrsAvail IA-status
2013-09-18 Steven BarthRestart transaction if server returns IAID error code
2013-09-12 Steven BarthAdd default T1, T2, T3 for buggy servers
2013-08-31 Steven BarthMerge preliminary prefix class support
2013-08-31 Steven BarthMerge branch 'hnet'
2013-08-30 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-08-30 Steven BarthRemove DAD for now due to kernel issues
2013-08-01 Markus StenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'up/master' into hnet
2013-08-01 Steven BarthFix including PD in request
2013-07-31 Markus StenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'up/master' into hnet
2013-07-31 Steven BarthInclude IAs in Request to be more compatible with some...
2013-07-31 Maico Le PapeAdd support for colored address in IA_NA
2013-07-03 Steven BarthAdd better overflow safety in resend
2013-06-24 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'master' into hnet
2013-06-18 Steven BarthAllow overriding the interface-identifier for public...
2013-06-13 Steven BarthAdd sanity checks for NDP and MTU parameters from RAs
2013-05-31 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-05-31 Steven BarthWork around false-positive DAD-hits
2013-05-31 Steven BarthFix handling of multiple RAs in a row.
2013-05-28 Steven BarthAdd more sanity checks and logging to DAD
2013-05-21 Steven BarthHonor T1 and T2 from server better
2013-05-21 Steven BarthFix reconfigure accept option transmission
2013-05-20 Steven BarthFix IA expiring logic
2013-05-15 Steven Barthscript: fix delay call handling
2013-05-13 Steven BarthExport AFTR-IP as well and update README
2013-05-13 Steven BarthFix possible buffer overflows in DNS handling
2013-05-12 Steven BarthAdd support for DS-Lite AFTR
2013-05-08 Steven BarthUse key=val pairs for additional prefix params
2013-05-06 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-05-05 Steven BarthReadjust call-delay to be more backward-compatible
2013-05-05 Steven BarthSet a global default DHCPv6 exchange timeout
2013-04-23 Steven BarthUpdate README again
2013-04-23 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-04-23 Steven BarthSet default SOL_MAX_RT to 1h
2013-04-22 Steven BarthSeveral bugfixes
2013-04-21 Steven BarthSet SOL_MAX_RT to 7200 according to RFC 6204 bis
2013-04-14 Steven BarthFix authentication option format
2013-04-08 Steven BarthFix CFLAGS and README
2013-04-08 Steven BarthFix compilation
2013-04-08 Steven BarthAdd reconfigure authentication
2013-04-07 Steven BarthInitial support for RFC 6603
2013-04-04 Steven BarthUpdate license headers
2013-04-04 Steven BarthUpdate README to reflect RA-features
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergFixed prefix class finding - it was starting from wrong...
2013-03-26 sbyxMerge pull request #6 from fingon/bugfix
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'master' into hnet
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'bugfix' into hnet
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergFixed race condition - ra_init may already result in...
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergFirst hnet-based version.
2013-03-25 Steven BarthFix IA-status detection
2013-03-20 Steven BarthDon't output on stderr by default
2013-03-20 Steven BarthFix priority for on-link routes for prefixes
2013-03-18 Steven BarthFix several incorrect array indices
2013-03-08 Steven BarthAdd option to not send RELEASE when stopping
2013-03-08 Steven BarthFix timing issues with large T1 and T2 values
2013-02-11 Steven BarthBe less verbose in log
2013-02-11 Steven BarthDo not send undesired preferences for valid and / or...
2013-02-03 Steven BarthFix timer signedness
2013-02-03 Steven BarthFix timing issues
2013-02-02 Steven BarthMore IA_NA and IA_PD fixes
2013-02-02 Steven BarthFix generation of IA_PD and IA_NA attributes
2013-02-01 Steven BarthReverse SLAAC-only logic
2013-02-01 Steven BarthFix entry-update logic
2013-02-01 Steven BarthAvoid redundant deduplication
2013-02-01 Steven BarthFix netlink attribute handling
2013-02-01 Steven BarthDetect more DADFAILED cases
2013-02-01 Steven BarthFix segfault
2013-02-01 Steven Barthreact more quickly to DHCPv6-replies
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix metric calculation
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix RS attempts
2013-01-31 Steven BarthHandle signals more often
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix RA-route export again
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix formatting of routes
2013-01-31 Steven BarthPrevent OOM DOS
2013-01-30 Steven BarthFix compile error
2013-01-30 Steven BarthFix and improve RA-handling code
2013-01-30 Steven BarthFix safe entry manipulation
2013-01-30 Steven BarthAdd RA-handling support
2013-01-21 Steven BarthFix calculation of preferred and valid times
2013-01-18 Steven BarthFix DNS-server parsing with more than one server
2013-01-17 Steven BarthDetect a suitable MAC if the main interface doesn't...
2013-01-17 Steven BarthRemove timeout feature
2013-01-17 Steven BarthRemove support for lost prefixes
2013-01-02 Steven BarthUpdate requested options
2013-01-02 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-01-02 Steven BarthImplement RFC 3319 options
2013-01-02 Steven BarthUpdate README
2013-01-02 Steven BarthAdd SNTP option support
2013-01-02 Steven BarthAdd started and stopped events
2012-12-22 Steven BarthFix compilation on platforms with unsgined char
2012-12-21 Steven BarthAdd a missing cast for some platforms