2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <kwc@citi.umich.edu>
[nfs-utils.git] / support / nfs /
2005-04-12 gmorrisAdded TOP, as needed, for easier compile in subdirectories
2005-04-06 chipSupport "acl" and "no_acl" export options.
2005-03-14 neilbrownSanitise stderr logging.
2005-03-06 gmorrisFix bug [ 1157791 ] Segfault in mountd.
2004-06-08 neilbrownFix cache flushing problem. nfs-utils-1-0-6-post2
2003-08-06 neilbrownChange CROSSMNT to CROSSMOUNT
2003-08-04 neilbrown/proc/fs/nfsd as an alternate to /proc/fs/nfsd nfs-utils-1-0-5-post2
2003-08-04 neilbrownOpen channel files O_WRONLY, and improve mountlist... nfs-utils-1-0-5-post1
2003-07-25 chip* support/nfs/xlog.c (xlog): Revise buffer-overflow...
2003-07-17 neilbrownRelease 1.0.5 nfs-utils-1-0-5
2003-07-03 neilbrownrpc.nfsd to write to /proc/fs/nfs/threads if available nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre9
2003-06-24 neilbrownfix unexpiring nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre6
2003-06-10 chip2003-06-10 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2003-05-30 neilbrownnew "mountpoint" export option.
2003-05-21 neilbrownenhance exportfs to use new cache/upcall stuff nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre3
2003-05-21 neilbrownSupport new kernel upcalls for export cache management.
2003-05-21 neilbrownMake CROSSMNT distinct from NOHIDE nfs-utils-1-1-0-pre2
2003-03-26 neilbrownSee Changelog nfs-utils-1-0-2-pre5
2003-02-19 neilbrownSee Changelog
2002-10-11 hjl2002-10-11 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org> nfs-utils-1-0-2-pre4
2002-09-16 chip2002-09-15 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2002-09-13 hjl2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2002-09-12 hjlsupport/nfs/svc_socket.c: New.
2002-09-12 hjl2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2002-05-29 neilbrownSee Changelog nfs-utils-1-0-1-pre8
2002-04-08 neilbrownSee Change Log nfs-utils-1-0-1-pre5
2002-02-28 neilbrown*** empty log message ***
2002-01-17 neilbrownSee Changelog
2001-12-20 neilbrownSee Changelog
2001-11-29 hjl2001-11-26 TAKAI Kousuke <takai@vlsi.kuee.kyoto-u...
2001-11-22 chip2001-11-21 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2001-11-22 chip2001-11-21 Chip Salzenberg <chip@pobox.com>
2001-09-12 neilbrown2001-09-12 NeilBrown <neilb@cse.unsw.edu.au>
2001-04-02 chip2001-04-01 Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com>
2001-03-21 hjl2001-03-21 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org> nfs-utils-0-3-2-pre3
2001-03-12 hjl2001-03-11 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2001-03-11 hjl2001-03-10 Tavis Barr <tavis@boole.isetr.columbia...
2001-02-15 hjl2001-02-14 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2001-02-11 hjl2001-02-02 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2001-01-21 chip2001-01-20 Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com>
2000-12-03 chip2000-12-03 Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com>
2000-11-23 neilbrownPrint warning if export lines have host name without...
2000-11-09 hjl2000-11-09 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2000-08-23 neilbrown1/ be less trusting of information in /var/lib/nfs...
2000-06-01 hjl2000-05-31 H.J. Lu <hjl@lucon.org>
2000-04-30 chipReally(!) finish the port-sharing diff.
2000-04-30 chipReally reuse ports, even when mountd is run without...
2000-03-22 hjl2000-03-21 Michael Weiser <michael@weiser.saale-net.de>
2000-03-21 neilbrownChange to using variable length file handles, for bette...
2000-03-13 chipConserve sockets: Reuse RPC transports.
2000-02-26 chipFix typo in previous change.
2000-02-26 chipFix line numbers in tokenizer, which reads /etc/exports...
2000-02-04 neilbrownSupport for NFSEXP_NOAUTHNLM introduced in 2.3.42
1999-11-22 neilbrownchanged parseopts to not modify the "char *cp" argument...
1999-10-28 neilbrownThu Oct 28 11:27:51 EST 1999 Neil Brown <neilb@cse...
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision