tcpwrapper: Fix signage problems in the tcp_wrappers hash function
[nfs-utils.git] / support / misc / tcpwrapper.c
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcpwrapper: Fix signage problems in the tcp_wrappers...
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcp_wrapper: Clean up logit()
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcp_wrappers: Use getifaddrs(3) if it is available
2009-03-08 Steve DicksonAdded back the some logging variables which are no nfs-utils-1-1-5-rc1 nfs-utils-1-1-6-rc1
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonGeneral clean up. Removed unused routines. Reworked...
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonConverted good_client() to correctly use the tcp wrapper
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonOnly hash on IP address and Program number. Including...
2009-02-18 Tomas RichterExportfs and rpc.mountd optimalization
2009-01-03 Steve DicksonNow that the TCP wrapper actually works, mounts will
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonTo ensure the hash table of clients has valid
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonClients IP address and host names are check on
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonWhen clients are define as IP addresses in /etc/hosts...
2008-05-05 Sten SpansFixed arguments to the hosts_ctl() call in the good_cli...
2007-07-29 Neil BrownAdd -Wstrict-prototypes to compiler args, and fix warni...
2005-12-20 neilbrownAutogen update
2001-11-26 chip2001-11-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
2000-08-26 hjl2000-08-25 H.J. Lu <>
2000-08-26 hjl2000-08-25 Ion Badulescu <>
2000-08-25 hjl2000-08-25 H.J. Lu <>