nfsdcld: add autoconf goop for sqlite
[nfs-utils.git] / aclocal / ipv6.m4
2012-01-16 Jeff Laytonautoconf: only link binaries that need it to libtirpc nfs-utils-1-2-6-rc6
2012-01-05 Chuck Don't check for AI_ADDRCONFIG
2010-01-17 Chuck Levertcp_wrappers: Use getifaddrs(3) if it is available
2009-06-22 Steve DicksonMake --enable-tirpc the default. If --enable-tirpc...
2009-04-03 Chuck Levernfs-utils: fix AC_CHECK_FUNC calls in
2009-03-16 Chuck Leverconfigure: move IPv6 feature checks into aclocal