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[nfs-utils.git] / ChangeLog
1999-11-28 hjlFix format.
1999-11-25 chipAccept lockd callbacks to the new port 24 as well as...
1999-11-22 neilbrownmoved exportfs -au after stopping nfsd to stop spurious
1999-11-22 neilbrownchanged parseopts to not modify the "char *cp" argument...
1999-10-28 hjl1. Fix some typos in README.
1999-10-28 neilbrownSee CHANGELOG for changes:-) nfs-utils-0-1-2-19991027
1999-10-27 hjlUpdate README for ftp site.
1999-10-26 hjlUpdated for nfs-utils 0.1.2. nfs-utils-0-1-2
1999-10-21 hjlUpdate. nfs-utils-0-1-1
1999-10-19 hjlUpdate.
1999-10-18 hjlInitial revision