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2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'trunk'
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'Memories as 1.3'
2008-11-04 Ben HutchingsSplit changes into patches managed with quilt.
2007-04-02 Simon CozensSwitch to using Image::Size because the EXIF parsing...
2007-03-24 Simon CozensYet more dependencies.
2007-03-24 Simon CozensDependencies, and user/pass
2007-02-06 Simon CozensMemories as at 1.3 1.2+svn
2006-01-04 Ben HutchingsMerged upstream v1.2.
2005-12-31 Ben HutchingsChanged Maypole::Authentication... to Maypole::Plugin...
2005-12-31 Ben HutchingsCorrected naming errors and specified absolute path...
2005-12-30 Ben HutchingsBranched from version 1.1. 1.1