2014-08-29 Ben HutchingsImprove wording about Btrfs COW debconf2014
2014-08-29 Ben Hutchingsspeling fixes
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd blk-mq slide
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsReword nftables slide to save space
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsMove Lustre slide later
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd file-private locking slide
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd new ports slide
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd liblockdep slide
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd nftables slide
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd Btrfs offline dedupe
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsFix typo: 'firat'
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd network busy-polling slides
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd slide about Lustre in staging
2014-08-28 Ben HutchingsAdd slide about O_TMPFILE
2014-08-27 Ben HutchingsWorking from home means more flexibility over time
2014-08-27 Ben HutchingsReplace last year's new features with a recap of progre...
2014-08-27 Ben HutchingsOne year later, I have a new job and there have been...
2013-08-11 Ben HutchingsAdd a point for 'releases early' debconf2013
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd subtitle for the theme of the talk
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsChange description of user namespaces to talk about...
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe ARMv7 multiplatform
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe bcache and link to WNPP bug
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsNFS works with user namespaces; only XFS is left
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsMore active wording for how to help
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsSingle level of bullet points for bio
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe user namespaces
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe discard support
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe module signing and relationship to Secure...
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsDescribe new KMS drivers
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd description of transcendent memory
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsBrief description of team driver and associated userland
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd introduction/prologue
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd a new bio
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd skeleton for slides
2013-08-10 Ben HutchingsAdd S5 blank with my tweaks and Makefile from earlier...