Release versions 1.2.11 and 1.2.11-1
[videolink.git] / null_prompt_service.cpp
2008-11-03 Ben HutchingsAdded workaround for XULRunner 1.9's requirement of... 1.2.5 1.2.5-1
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRemoved support for Mozilla 1.7.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsUpdated for Mozilla 1.8 and XULRunner.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsMade proper use of DESTDIR for installation.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsRenamed package due to name clash.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsFixed initial reference count for null_prompt_service...
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsBrought documentation up to date.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsAdded hack to treat alert prompts as fatal errors.
2008-11-02 Ben HutchingsDisabled prompts in batch processing mode.