Fix potential buffer overflow in entry_to_env
[odhcp6c.git] / src / script.c
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix potential buffer overflow in entry_to_env
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsAvoid copying buffer after dn_expand() fails
2016-01-26 Steven BarthMerge pull request #40 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2016-01-26 Hans Dedeckerscript: Launch script with correct action if last scrip...
2015-07-27 Steven Barthodhcp6c: sync and accumulate RA & DHCPv6 events correctly
2015-06-09 Steven Barthdhcpv6: clear CUSTOM_OPTS in a more sane manner
2015-05-16 Steven BarthFix LW4over6 parameter handling
2015-04-14 Steven Barthscan-code fixes
2015-04-13 Steven BarthImprove handling of DNS search domains
2015-04-12 Steven BarthRemove obsolete prefix class support
2015-04-10 Steven BarthPass ICMP configuration to user-space instead of direct...
2015-04-09 Steven Barthscript: don't resolve AFTR since DNS won't be applied...
2014-10-25 Steven Barthsoftwires: avoid unnecessary allocations
2014-10-08 Steven Barthscript: don't leak IA_PD / IA_NA if not yet bound
2014-10-08 Steven BarthEnsure signal-safety of signal handlers
2014-10-06 Steven BarthExport DHCPv6 server address to env
2014-08-25 Steven BarthEnable softwire-support by default
2014-05-23 Steven BarthAdd support for DHCPv6 option passthru
2014-05-08 Steven Barthsoftwire: fix DMR parsing
2014-04-30 Steven BarthFix compiler warning
2014-04-30 Steven BarthMAP: export type value in rules
2014-04-30 Steven BarthFix MAP parameter parsing
2014-04-28 Steven BarthIgnore multiple MAP-E instances for now and output...
2014-04-28 Steven BarthInitial support for MAP & LW4O6 provisioning
2014-03-30 Steven BarthAdd initial support for CER-ID
2014-03-18 Steven BarthFix building with clang 3.4
2014-01-29 Steven BarthDon't export IAID as class if IAID is 1 (default)
2014-01-29 Steven BarthBump copyright headers
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiseroutput prefix IAID as prefix class in script
2014-01-27 Kaspar Schleiserfix NTP server option handling
2013-08-31 Steven BarthMerge preliminary prefix class support
2013-08-31 Steven BarthMerge branch 'hnet'
2013-08-01 Markus StenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'up/master' into hnet
2013-07-31 Markus StenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'up/master' into hnet
2013-07-31 Maico Le PapeAdd support for colored address in IA_NA
2013-06-24 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'master' into hnet
2013-05-15 Steven Barthscript: fix delay call handling
2013-05-13 Steven BarthExport AFTR-IP as well and update README
2013-05-13 Steven BarthFix possible buffer overflows in DNS handling
2013-05-12 Steven BarthAdd support for DS-Lite AFTR
2013-05-08 Steven BarthUse key=val pairs for additional prefix params
2013-05-05 Steven BarthSet a global default DHCPv6 exchange timeout
2013-04-07 Steven BarthInitial support for RFC 6603
2013-04-04 Steven BarthUpdate license headers
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'master' into hnet
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergMerge branch 'bugfix' into hnet
2013-03-26 Markus StenbergFirst hnet-based version.
2013-02-11 Steven BarthBe less verbose in log
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix RA-route export again
2013-01-31 Steven BarthFix formatting of routes
2013-01-30 Steven BarthFix and improve RA-handling code
2013-01-30 Steven BarthAdd RA-handling support
2013-01-17 Steven BarthRemove support for lost prefixes
2013-01-02 Steven BarthImplement RFC 3319 options
2013-01-02 Steven BarthAdd SNTP option support
2012-12-22 Steven BarthFix compilation on platforms with unsgined char
2012-12-21 Steven BarthAdd a missing cast for some platforms
2012-11-28 Steven BarthImprove syslog-messages
2012-11-25 Steven BarthInitial commit (expect bugs!)