2009-03-05 Chuck Levermount.nfs: squelch compiler warning for TI-RPC builds
2009-03-05 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Provide type-checked version of svc_getcaller()
2009-03-05 Chuck Leverconfigure: Remove CPPFLAGS substitution
2009-03-05 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Replace getservbyname(3)
2009-03-04 Valerie Aurora... Update example in exports(5) man page
2009-03-04 Ben GreearHave sizeof using the correct value in nfs_getlocalport()
2009-03-04 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Remove fprintf() call from support/nfs/getport.c
2009-03-04 Chuck Levershowmount command: remove legacy RPC logic
2009-03-04 Chuck Levernfs(5): document new [no]resvport option
2009-03-04 Chuck Levernfs(5): document new [no]resvport option
2009-03-04 Chuck LeverThe legacy version of nfs_name_to_address() returned...
2009-03-04 Chuck Leverconfigure: fix AC_CACHE_VAL warnings on Fedora 10
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonGeneral clean up. Removed unused routines. Reworked...
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonConverted good_client() to correctly use the tcp wrapper
2009-03-04 Steve DicksonOnly hash on IP address and Program number. Including...
2009-02-18 Tomas RichterExportfs and rpc.mountd optimalization
2009-02-18 Lukas Hejtmanekrpc.idmapd should tell the user more verbosely if Dnotify
2009-02-17 Chuck Leverumount command: remove do_nfs_umount23 function
2009-02-17 Chuck Leverumount.nfs command: Support AF_INET6 server addresses
2009-02-17 Chuck Leverumount.nfs command: Add an AF_INET6-capable version...
2009-02-17 Chuck Levernfs-utils: git should ignore cscope.* files
2009-02-17 Steve DicksonThe mount sockaddr len (mnt_salen) is not be set in
2009-02-17 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: fix return value from po_righ...
2009-01-27 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: support AF_INET6 in rewrite_m...
2009-01-27 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: fix mount option rewriting...
2009-01-27 Chuck Levertext-based mount options: Use new pmap stuffer when...
2009-01-27 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: Function to stuff "struct...
2009-01-27 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: make po_rightmost() work...
2009-01-07 Chuck Levershowmount command: Quiesce warning when TI-RPC is disabled
2009-01-07 Chuck Leverconfigure: Add new build option "--enable-tirpc"
2009-01-07 Chuck Leverconfigure: Remove inet_ntop(3) check from
2009-01-07 Steve DicksonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-01-06 Chuck Leverconfigure: use "--disable-uuid" instead of "--without...
2009-01-06 Chuck Levermount command: Random clean up
2009-01-06 Chuck Levermount: getport: don't use getaddrinfo(3) on old systems
2009-01-06 Chuck Levermount command: use gethostbyname(3) when building on...
2009-01-06 Chuck Levermount: revert recent fix for build problems on old...
2009-01-05 Kevin Coffmangssd: By default, don't spam syslog when users' credent...
2009-01-03 Steve DicksonNow that the TCP wrapper actually works, mounts will
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonTo ensure the hash table of clients has valid
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonClients IP address and host names are check on
2008-12-19 Steve DicksonWhen clients are define as IP addresses in /etc/hosts...
2008-12-17 Steve Dicksonstatd: not unlinking host files
2008-12-17 Chuck Leversm-notify command: fix a use-after-free bug
2008-12-17 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: use po_get_numeric() for...
2008-12-17 Chuck Levertext-based mount command: add function to parse numeric...
2008-12-11 Kevin Coffmansvcgssd: use the actual context expiration for cache
2008-12-11 Kevin Coffmangssd/svcgssd: add support to retrieve actual context...
2008-12-11 Chuck Levermount command: AF_INET6 support for probe_bothports()
2008-12-11 Chuck Levermount command: support AF_INET6 in probe_nfsport()...
2008-12-11 Chuck Levermount command: full support for AF_INET6 addresses...
2008-12-06 Steve Dicksonsm-notify: always exiting without any notification
2008-12-02 Chuck Levermount command: remove local getport() implementation
2008-12-02 Chuck Levermount command: Replace clnt_ping() and getport() calls...
2008-12-02 Chuck Levermount command: Use nfs_error() instead of perror()
2008-12-02 Chuck Levermount command: Use nfs_pmap_getport() in probe_statd()
2008-11-26 Neil BrownEnsure statd gets started if required when non-root
2008-11-26 Neil Browngssd: unblock DNOTIFY_SIGNAL in case it was blocked.
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: support querying IPv6 servers
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: move logic to acquire RPC client...
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: Remove unused local getport() implem...
2008-11-25 Chuck Levershowmount command: call nfs_getport instead of local...
2008-11-18 Steve DicksonAdded support/nfs/getport.c
2008-11-17 Chuck LeverIntroduce rpcbind client utility functions
2008-11-17 Chuck LeverAdd AF_INET6-capable API to acquire an RPC CLIENT *
2008-10-21 Jan EngelhardtGet rid of empty AUTHORS file
2008-10-17 Steve DicksonRelease 1.1.4 nfs-utils-1-1-4
2008-10-14 Phil Endecottsm-notify should exit as soon as its determined
2008-10-08 Mike Frysingerrpcgen: include sys/ioctl.h on linux systems
2008-10-08 Chuck Levernfs(5): Clarify behavior of the mountproto= and proto...
2008-10-08 Chuck Levernfs-utils: make makesock() static
2008-10-08 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Clean up support/nfs/rpcmisc.c:closedown()
2008-10-01 Steve DicksonCleaned up the wording in the rpc.nfsd(8) manpage
2008-10-01 Steve DicksonCleared up a contradiction in the export(5) man page
2008-09-29 Jeff Laytonmountd: change "unknown host" error message to "unmatch...
2008-09-29 Chuck Levernfs(5): Replace the term "netid" in mount option descri...
2008-09-29 Chuck Levernfs(5): Replace the term "netid" in mount option descr...
2008-09-26 Chuck Leverrpc.statd: Stop overloading sockfd in utils/statd/rmtcall.c
2008-09-26 Chuck Leverrpc.statd: Use __func__ in dprintf
2008-09-26 Chuck Leverrpc.statd: Clean up: replace "if (!(foo = rtnl))".
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: whitespace clean ups in support/nfs/rpcmisc.c
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Remove excess log reporting
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: make makesock() static
2008-09-26 Chuck Levershowmount: destroy RPC client when finished
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: remove disabled code from support/nfs/rpcmisc.c
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: Remove unused function rpc_svcrun()
2008-09-26 Chuck Levernfs-utils: remove unused function rpc_logcall()
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: use static function definitions
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: replace nsm_address typedef
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: clean up error logging
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: getaddrinfo(3) addrinfo leak
2008-09-26 Chuck Leversm-notify command: include <config.h>
2008-09-26 Chuck Levershowmount command: clean up error returns from connect_nb()
2008-09-26 Chuck Leverrpc.statd: eliminate --secure_statd
2008-09-26 Chuck Leverrpc.tatd: refactor check to see if call is from loopbac...
2008-08-28 Neil Brownmount: enable retry for nfs23 to set the correct protoc...
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsRemove idmapd.conf
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsDetermine supported pseudoflavors from export
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsMinor mountd.c cleanup
2008-08-28 J. Bruce FieldsRemove redundant m_path field