Merge branch 'sid'
[nfs-utils.git] / support / nsm /
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2013-06-01 Steve LangasekImported Upstream version 1.2.8 upstream/1.2.8
2013-05-10 Luk ClaesImported upstream 1.2.8
2012-06-19 Harald Hoyernfsdcld: Before clearing the capability bounding set...
2012-05-29 Jeff Laytonstatd: drop all capabilities from the bounding set...
2012-05-25 Luk Claesproper merge debian/1%1.2.6-1
2012-05-25 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2012-05-22 Luk ClaesImported upstream 1.2.6 upstream/1.2.6
2011-10-02 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-10-02 Steve Dicksonstatd: Decouple statd's state directory from the NFS...
2011-10-02 NeilBrownStatd should always 'chdir' to its state directory.
2011-09-20 Steve Dicksonstatd: Decouple statd's state directory from the NFS...
2011-07-21 NeilBrownStatd should always 'chdir' to its state directory.
2011-07-09 Luk Claesdebian-changes debian/1%1.2.4-1
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-07-09 Luk ClaesImported Upstream version 1.2.4 upstream/1.2.4
2011-03-29 Ben HutchingsMerge commit 'upstream/1.2.3'
2011-03-29 Ben HutchingsImported Upstream version 1.2.3 upstream/1.2.3
2011-01-04 Mi Jinlonglibnsm.a: modify return value to false from 0 at nsm_dr...
2010-12-13 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: sm-notify sometimes ignores monitored hosts nfs-utils-1-2-4-rc4
2010-12-13 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Replace __attribute_noinline__
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-07-14 Ben HutchingsImported Upstream version 1.2.2 upstream/1.2.2
2010-04-23 Mike FrysingerMake capabilities support optional
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: retain CAP_NET_BIND when dropping privileges
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Add support for multiple lines in monitor...
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Factor atomic write code out of nsm_get_state()
2010-01-15 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Add RPC construction helper functions
2010-01-12 Jeff Laytonnfs-utils: make private cookie to hex conversion a...
2010-01-12 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Introduce common routines to handle persisten...
2009-12-23 Chuck Leverlibnsm.a: Move the sm_inter XDR pieces to libnsm.a